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Since you are building an elevated composite decking you will need to make sure that the area is levelled and cleared of all debris. You can add fabric to prevent grass from growing under your decking. After preparing the ground and it is balanced you can move to the next step. Step Two – Dig Holes for the Posts【Get Price】

Decking - on concrete base or directly over the grass.

use posts. wrap the entire frame in weed fabric such as plantex. and clad any vertical edges with decking as well. Rodents are only a problem if you put something there for them to eat. Never had a problem from any of my customers with them. +1 exactly right IMHO.【Get Price】

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Clear away any plants weeds rocks or other material that might be obstructing your site. Cut away the turf of the lawn by using an edger to cut the area and then a spade to remove it. Make sure the ground is level you can do this by checking your site with a straightedge and a spirit level. Remove the turf until the ground is completely even.【Get Price】

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Prepare your Decking Remove all surface objects such as garden furniture plant pots and any other bits and bobs that take habitat on your decking over the years. Clean the decking with a stiff poly brush and water to remove any excess dirt or moss. Allow the decking to fully dry out before proceeding to step 2.【Get Price】

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Outline the size and shape of your decking. Hammer a peg at each corner and run a builder’s line between each peg. Clear away plants rocks and weeds and dig down to a depth of roughly 50 mm. Clear away the turf so you’re working with the bare soil. Check the ground is even.【Get Price】

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It is important to prepare your decking by giving it a good clean before laying anything on it. This prevents moss and rot from spreading beneath your grass. You may need to treat the wood or replace any rotten planks prior to installing the grass. We recommend that you install both an underlay and a weed membrane to your decking.【Get Price】

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