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AirXcoffee develops coffee bio-composite alternative to plastic

AirXcoffee’s coffee bio-composite can be used to make tableware polystyrene cups flowerpots and other products. Credit: PRNewsfoto / AirXCoffee. Vietnamese green product manufacturer AirXcoffee has developed a bio-based recyclable light material using locally sourced coffee grounds to replace single-use plastic.【Get Price】

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In pragmatic terms however making commercially viable bio-composite materials has proven to be a daunting challenge. Most natural fibers such as flax and hemp have generally inferior strength compared to their synthetic counterparts — glass aramid and so forth — and both bio-fibers and bio-based resins thus far have been more costly to manufacture. But recently several materials.【Get Price】

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A Contemporary Blend of Artisan Woodcraft and Modern Composite Materials. We are on a mission to find balance between traditional natural materials and the exploration of new plant based composites. With a range of bespoke product and furniture design opportunities found between the two.【Get Price】


market for bio composite products especially for Indonesia’s bio composite products. First current world’s demand and its trend for each wood-composite products: plywood veneer sheets particleboard and fiberboard were investigated. The principal policies and market forces that are likely to affect the global and regional markets for bio.【Get Price】

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Figure 9: BioMid reinforcement yarn and fabric. A ‘second generation’ bio-based fiber made from by-products of the lumber industry. Photo by Linda Taylor. 16 Figure 10: Indicative prices of bio-based polymers compared to synthetic polymers data from [54-57]. 19 Figure 11: Cashew nut shell liquid based Flax Coral Prepreg produced by CTS Ohio.【Get Price】

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A biocomposite is a composite material formed by a matrix (resin) and a reinforcement of natural fibers. Environmental concern and cost of synthetic fibres have led the foundation of using natural fibre as reinforcement in polymeric composites. The matrix phase is formed by polymers derived from renewable and nonrenewable resources.【Get Price】

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New bio-foaming epoxy that allows ‘in situ’ production of a shaped low-density epoxy foam core. Two-part system with 37% bio-based carbon content. Offers good adhesion to a variety of materials and low water absorption. Particularly suited to foam cored components with lightweight glass carbon or natural fibre laminates.【Get Price】

Promoting sustainable development with advanced bio-based.

Bio-based composite applications. SSUCHY’s work on bio-based composites has led to some of the developed materials being used in four industrial demonstrators. The prototypes have demonstrated how bio-based composites can replace their fossil-based counterparts in existing industrial applications. By the end of the project in August 2021 all.【Get Price】

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At Biocomposites we are pioneering calcium compound devices to regenerate and repair bone and soft tissue. With over 30 years’ experience of manipulating the surface chemistry and crystalline properties of calcium compounds we engineer and manufacture products at the forefront of calcium technology.【Get Price】

Create durable bio-composites

Recovering cellulose and bioplastic from the wastewater treatment plant Processing the recycled matter in order to produce final clean materials Generating high quality bio-composite products using the recycled materials from the wastewater sector in outdoor applications such as benches fences and decking【Get Price】

Plycork a novel ultra-light bio-based composite

PlyCork ® – innovative ultra-light multilayer in form of a sandwich panel comprising face layers and insulating and stiffening bio-based core made of cork agglomerate. . Putting cork between two layers (e.g. aluminium carbon fibers) we create a composite which is lighter stronger and stiffer than with a solid mater【Get Price】

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View product > genex® An innovative versatile synthetic bone graft that supports natural healing and vanishes without a trace.. First synthetic calcium composite arthroscopic device in sports injuries to receive CE mark and FDA clearance. View produc.【Get Price】

Bio-composite wood product offers a green alternative.

The added advantage of a Pollywood composite pole is that several can be produced from one tree. It is one of a range of green composite materials the company offers to the construction industry all the product of naturally grown materials from renewable sources.【Get Price】

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Bio-composite recipe experimentations Fab Textiles Fab Lab Barcelona 2017. At the end of the experiments we succeeded to have good results with samples with different flexibility (hard like a rock to flexible like rubber) and textures (Rough to Smooth and Matte to Shiny). I noticed that some of the samples were conductive an interesting.【Get Price】

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