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So the more involved the finish the more money per lf or square foot. It also would depend on your finished product quality as judged by your customers. Multi-layering distressing glazing and spattering all add to base price. But you have to have a standard from which to start. As you do taller pieces apply the same measurement for the height. For example if the piece to be finished is.【Get Price】

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A 20 foot interior ceiling or vaulted ceiling is going to be a lot more time consuming to paint than an 8 foot bedroom ceiling. Trim that is 25-35 feet high takes longer than trim that’s on the ground. You can see that there are a lot issues with pricing painting per square foot. Sometimes it will work. Sometimes you’ll be too high and you.【Get Price】

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Paint Exterior Trim Costs Zip Code Lineal ft. Low Mid High; Paint Exterior Trim – Material Prices: $140.00 – $165.00: $250.00 – $275.00: $350.00 – $475.00【Get Price】

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I just did my basement. Painting trim for 1500 sq ft was $200 labor ($40 or so in paint) the actual trim was $1000. The paint grade trim was far cheaper than stain grade. Enough to pay for the paint by a lot and you still would have to stain the wood. I think a stair rail I was looking at was $40 for paint grade and $120 for stain grade. That.【Get Price】

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Cost to Paint Interior Doors Trim or Frame A standard interior door has 32 feet of trim plus another 16 feet of frame. At $1 to $3 per linear foot for trim expect to pay $50 to $150 for the trim and frame alone.【Get Price】

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Expect to pay between $4 to $10 per square foot including labor and materials for stain lacquer varnish paint or shellac. Also Know how much should I pay to have my wood floors refinished? Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors Refinishing hardwood floors costs $1684 on average with a typical range between $1074 and $2400.【Get Price】

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It costs an average of $5 per linear foot to install vinyl baseboard trim chair rail crown molding and other interior trim. Some simple jobs could cost as little as $0.50 per linear foot or more complex installations can be closer to $10 per linear foot.【Get Price】

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The cost per foot for trim labor should be between $0.50 and $10. An average homeowner can expect to pay about $560 for casing eight doors with pine flat stock wood trim. In terms of exterior trim costs generally range from $4 to $7 per linear foot for materials.【Get Price】

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Overall Hardie siding materials cost $3.75-4.5 per square foot.This includes the cost of the siding boards stainless steel nails trim (at least $1 -2 per 1 square foot of the job size) house wrap (underlayment/vapor barrier) and any other materials needed for the install.【Get Price】

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Stain Wood Trim – Total Average Cost per Lineal Foot: $1.82: $3.23 : $5.03: Stain Wood Trim – Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist. Expect the prices to Stain Wood Trim to fluctuate between various companies – each and every company have differen.【Get Price】

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Paint Trim Molding Costs Zip Code Lineal ft. Low Mid High; Paint Trim Molding – Material Prices: $140.00 – $165.00: $250.00 – $275.00: $350.00 – $475.00【Get Price】

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Price per square foot is a number that builders look at which really has nothing to do with how you bid a job for trim. I have a cabinet and trim business in central TX and we have done houses that range from $.85 to $5.5 a square foot. But that has nothing to do with how we bid the job. We break the job down by tasks windows doors base crown etc. With your experience you should have a.【Get Price】

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This wall and trim calculator will calculate the square footage for walls and trims and the amount of paint needed to paint these walls and trims. (It is assumed that doors are painted with the same paint as used for the trims.) Window Enter the width and height of the window.【Get Price】

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Dec 18 2018 The average total cost of trim installation projects ranges from $350 to $570 nationwide and trim installation costs per linear foot can range from $4.50 to $6 for installation and painting of simple baseboards chair rails and crown molding.【Get Price】

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For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 60 linear feet the cost to Stain And Finish Woodwork starts at $3.09 - $7.07 per linear foot. Actual costs will depend on job size conditions and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1.【Get Price】

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Therefore the cost per square foot is ACTUALLY LESS at $0.03. Those pennies add up. To determine the actual cost per square foot you start by finding the cost per gallon of paint solids. You can find this by dividing the price per gallon by the percent of volume solids. For example: If a paint product costs $22.28 per gallon and contains 30.【Get Price】

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The national average materials cost to paint trim molding is $0.49 per linear foot with a range between $0.25 to $0.73. The total price for labor and materials per linear foot is $1.83 coming in between $1.05 to $2.61. A typical 125 linear foot project costs $228.99 with a range of $131.42 to $326.56. Your actual price will depend on your.【Get Price】

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Cost to Paint Exterior Trim on a House. Painting exterior trim costs the same as interior or about $1 to $3 per linear foot including both materials and labor. Adding difficult to reach areas like dormers and second floor trim or soffits can add $1+ per linear foot.【Get Price】

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For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 125 linear feet the cost to Stain Wood Trim starts at $2.29 - $5.16 per linear foot. Actual costs will depend on job size conditions and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1.【Get Price】


Trim Priced Per 10’ Piece:. ADD PRICE OF GIRTH TO COME UP WITH TOTAL COST. Price Per Inch of Girth. 26ga. Galvanized Galvalume $2.25 24ga. Galvalume $2.60 24ga. Paint Grip $2.80 26 ga. Painted $2.30 26 ga. Special Order Painted $3.30 Kynar Pain.【Get Price】

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Painting trim allows for a more professional and cheaper way to paint vs doing the walls and trim separately. Trim painting costs are determined by measuring linear footage and is dependent on the amount of trim and the size of the room. The cost per linear foot is $1.05 – $2.60 to paint the trim in a house.【Get Price】

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