how to build a deck over flat roof porch

7 Outstanding Patio Deck Designs to Bring a Relaxing Space to.

The patio deck designs include a bar-like table that can be used to serve foods and beverages along with the round table and a few chairs to enjoy the meals and drinks. Pros: The design is simple and able to be applied in narrow space. Cons: You need to h.【Get Price】

How to Build a Deck on a Flat Roof |

Building a deck on a flat roof is neither difficult nor time-consuming. Two people can install a brand new deck in a weekend with little or no previous construction experience. Before beginning however it is important to do two things: inspect the roof to make sure it is in good condition and acquire any permits that may be required by the local zoning board.【Get Price】

How to Build Your Own Covered Deck - Dengarden

Simply put a couple of posts in the corners of the deck farthest from the building with a header between them and add rafters up to the roof of the building or attached to a ledger fastened to the wall of the building. In our case however the roof of the garage was only 8' above the deck; to continue the same 4/12 slope of the roof would have resulted in a roof that was only 5' above the.【Get Price】

Feasibility of turning flat roof into a deck

Here is about a 6'000 sq/ft deck built on a flat roof in Miami. Using a pedestal system like the Buzon Pedestal system eliminates the need to permeate the roofing membrane. This homeowner had the contractor build the deck using traditional joist and decking construction and built the hatches to be able to access drains etc.【Get Price】

deck - Add slope to existing flat porch/balcony - Home.

I have a patio attached to my house (like in the image below) As you can see it is covered and over my garage. Although it is covered it still gets rain and snow on it and unfortunately the top decking material is just painted OSB and it is seriously rotting. Under the OSB is good flat framing. I am going to rip out the OSB and I want to.【Get Price】

How to Build a Deck on a Flat Roof |

Set two of the 16 foot boards on each side of the spot where you want to build the deck. These are your end caps. Cut 12 of the shorter 2x6 to measure exactly 11 feet 9 inches. These are the joists for the deck.【Get Price】

How to Build a Deck Over Flat Roofs: Considerations and DIY.

So if you are thinking about installing a roof deck on an old flat roof make sure it is professionally inspected before proceeding with construction. The roof you want to put a deck on must be able to support 55 pounds (25kg) of weight per square foot. If you are unsure it is always best to consult an engineer. Confirm Integrity Of Existing Roof【Get Price】

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