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A small flagstone patio is a doable multiweekend DIY if you feel up for it. Otherwise hiring a pro is the way to go. Process snapshot: Dig out the patio area about 6 inches deep fill it with gravel then top it with a thin layer of coarse sand.【Get Price】

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This means they should have done a good job that’s worth the amount they’re charging you. If they haven’t done this they’ve broken the law. You’re legally entitled to either: ask them to fix the problem - if they provided you with goods as well as the service (eg they bought the slabs and laid the patio)【Get Price】

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The downside to outdoor stone flooring is the fact it typically needs to be sealed and it can be harder to work with than wood. It’s also a bit more expensive and may cost more for a professional to install. Tile. Tile is the chameleon of the flooring world even though it’s not quite as natural as wood or stone. When wood won’t work and.【Get Price】

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‘Build Direct’ has these interlocking deck tiles that do the job again right over existing patio surfaces! Lastly you could use recycled Envirotile to recover your patio from ‘ Home Depot ‘ They even have a tutorial on installing the tile for you!【Get Price】

The 10 Best Patio Concrete Paints: Durable with Great.

Here are some of the best patio and concrete paints you can get on the market today. 1. KILZ 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Concrete and Garage Floor Paint. Give your patio and garage floor a protective coat with this KILZ paint. KILZ is a popular producer of paints and they have offered something unique in this product. Acrylic concrete paints are not.【Get Price】

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