what is the most durable wood to rebuild a deck

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Natural wood ($3.75 to $20+ per square foot) is durable and beautiful but costs can run high. Many homeowners opt for natural wood decking whether it’s cedar redwood or tropical hardwoods....【Get Price】

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Generally though I love reclaimed wood best followed by non-pressure-treated FSC-certified wood (bonus points if it’s locally sourced to boot) followed by composites. Happy building Ian and...【Get Price】

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Acacia is a dense durable hardwood that can withstand the elements. It is often used in boat building. Sealing acacia serves to enhance and preserve the wood’s rich golden brown color. If left unsealed acacia should be reserved for deck or patio furniture since constant contact with the damp ground of a garden may cause the wood to discolor.【Get Price】

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Like cedar redwood is soft yet durable lumber that ages to a pleasing gray. A redwood deck will resist rot but prolonged moisture will cause the wood to blacken. To maintain the lovely ruddy hue use a clear sealer on your redwood deck or porch floor. The California Redwood Association (CRA) represents timber companies in the American northwest.【Get Price】

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Treated wood the material used to frame most decks will last for decades. Treated lumber should have a familiar green hue. Look for markings that say “.40 treated” or a CCA label that indicates that the wood has been preserved. If the wood is badly stained and you can’t find any stamps it may come to cutting a thin sliver off the end of some framing with a circular saw and looking at.【Get Price】

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Fitting a deck is a piece of cake and if you don’t want to tackle the job yourself our professional deck installers will be more than happy to do it for you. Moreover once your deck is set up you’ll find that its maintenance requirements are very minimal indeed – like all the best composite wood products boards never need staining or sealing and the occasional.【Get Price】

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Pressure-Treated Wood Pros: This is by far the most popular option even now being used on almost 75 percent of all new decks. Since the wood has been chemically treated to withstand rot mold and...【Get Price】

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