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The Complete Guide to Choosing Exterior House Trim Materials.

There are many different types of plastic trim materials on the market. These include polyurethane vinyl cellular PVC foamed polystyrene polymer composite resin and polyethylene lumber. All of these materials are much lower maintenance than solid wood because none of them require any painting unless desired.【Get Price】

4 Wood Trim Alternatives: Choosing the Best Material for Your.

In many cases you will replace your trim with your siding and while your trim will likely be made of the same material as your siding sometimes the trim can wear out more quickly and will require replacing first. If the rest of your siding is in good shape but your old wood trim has begun to soften or rot you may want to consider replacing it with a wood trim alternative. There are many.【Get Price】

Different Types of Door Casing: Styles Materials - Learn More

Hardwood materials also accept stain beautifully hiding the joints and resisting streaking. Builders most commonly use oak hardwood for door casings followed by maple poplar mahogany cherry birch and walnut.【Get Price】

Suitable Wood for Exterior Trimwork

From contributor P: For any exterior project I’ve done in the last five years I’ve been using a PVC product called Azek. I love the stuff! It comes in sheets of 1/2" 3/4" 1" and you can special order it to 1 1/2" by 4x8 to 4x12.It glues well with a cellular latex PVC adhesive and it works easily with woodworking tools like router bits saws screws.【Get Price】

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