is burning composite decking safe

The Most Fire-Resistant Decking: Composites vs. Ipe

Even Ipe if given enough time and heat is going to burn up. But you can choose a deck board that's going to stay structurally sounds longer and buy you and your family more time to leave the home in the event of a fire. For instance AZEK is the only product that has a Class A Fire Rating that means that although the board may burn it's not going to cause the flame to spread to your house.【Get Price】

Composite Decking Slippery When Wet but Two Notable.

Most composite decking is slippery compared to wood decking when wet. The polymer cap of the decking repelling the water creating potential slipping hazards. There are some notable composite decking exceptions that provide excellent traction both when wet and dry. Now I know you want to know what the exceptions are.【Get Price】

in a nutshell the pros and cons of composite decking

The good news is that composite based decking materials do provide a sustainable alternative to wooden decking. Chiefly because they are much longer lasting and we do not need to cut down nearly as many trees as we would for wooden decking. Our durable materials meet all the ethical standards and we can fully trace them to their recyclable origin.【Get Price】

Is Composite Decking Fireproof? - UK

One of the many questions that you may ask in that regard when looking to add a composite deck to your property is whether composite decking is fireproof or at least fire-resistant especially if you live in a climate where situations involving fires such as bushfires are a common possibility.【Get Price】

Can you put a chiminea on decking? - Just Chimineas

Most experts will tell you the lighting a fire on a plastic surface should be avoided at all costs. However composite decks are a mixture of wood and plastic and it may be possible to safely add your chiminea to your composite deck as long as you provide the surrounding area with enough protection.【Get Price】

Fire Rated Composite Decking - NeoTimber

NeoTimber’s fire rated composite decking is in keeping with the industry norm for WPC products at Class C (EN 13501-1).【Get Price】

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