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Composite lumber is greener than other forms of decking but there are different levels of eco-friendliness depending on how far the company wants to take things. realizes that and the company is actually part of recycling programs in the United States and Canada which recycle plastic. Their decking is also made from up to 95% recycled wood and plastic so they are certainly eco.【Get Price】

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Recycled Composite Deck Boards Good for your home and for the environment. Our Fiberon composite material decks blend the best qualities of recycled wood combined with the long-lasting resilience of recycled plastic to create beautiful nature-inspired products that last and are good for the environment.【Get Price】

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A blend of sawdust and recycled plastic wood composite serves as the most popular composite decking material. With appearance and feel like wood decking wood composite also comes in an array of colors and can be styled to look like laminate flooring.【Get Price】

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Composite decking is made out of a mixture of wood fiber recycled plastic and a binding agent. Composite decking is easier to clean longer-lasting and comes in a variety of colors and textures making it a popular choice for homeowners everywhere. Composite deck boards may consist of mixed wood fibers and artificial materials or be entirely.【Get Price】

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Eva-Last® is a globally recognised and trusted brand that creates and distributes a specialised co-extruded wood-composite range made from recycled and sustainable materials. WE LOVE TREES Not a single tree is cut down for the purpose of producing Eva-Last® composite decking boards.【Get Price】

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As noted composite decking can be recycled in a limited way. As the leading manufacturers have proven. is able to recycle 100% of waste products in the factory. But that is new decking material in a central location. Old composite decking scattered across the country poses a much different problem which is not currently readily recyclable.【Get Price】

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5. How Much Recycled Content Does The Composite Wood Decking Contain? For homeowners interested in reducing their environmental footprint some composite decking brands contain recycled content. The amount of recycled material varies widely so be sure to ask the manufacturer for details.【Get Price】

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Warranties will vary across brands and even composite decking styles within brands. The industry average is about 10-years on the warranty coverage but some extend well past this and others fall well short. When browsing make sure you know the coverage terms of the warranty for that particular style. It is also wise to read up on the claims.【Get Price】

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