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Protect Your Deck With A Good Fire Pit Mat.

Fire pit mats are small to large pads that act as a heat shield between your fire pit and another surface. Instead of blowing the heated air down onto your precious wood or composite material the fire pit pad stops the heat dead in its tracks. Many models will handle heat far above what you would find in a standard outdoor fire pit【Get Price】

round fire pit mat for composite decking : DeckProtect Fire Pit Pad Rack Combo- 16" x 16. Goods Of The Woods 12108 Round Deck Mat - Green. only fireproof product on the market to safely burn fire pit or chimeneas on wood or composite decks.【Get Price】

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Newtex 36” FirePad Deck Protector – The manufacturer suggests at least 6-inches of space between the bottom of the fire pit and the mat. If your fire pit is large this 36” mat may not be enough to stop all radiant heat from warping or damaging the area. Fire Protection Stand. Unlike the mats there are only a few of these stands on the.【Get Price】

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Composite decking is more environmentally friendly than traditional wood it requires less maintenance and it lasts much longer than a wooden deck. Composite decking is generally made out of a blend of wood or wood byproducts and plastic. As a result it is not completely resistant to fire. Therefore if you use a fire pit on your composite deck it is important to protect it from heat and any.【Get Price】

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Since composite decking contains plastic-based materials there is a lot of concern from homeowners that the heat of the fire will cause the deck to warp beyond repair. Of course this is true if you expose this material to super high heat like that of a fire pit it is going to cause some damage.【Get Price】

How to Safely Use a Fire Pit On Your Wood or Composite Deck.

Potential expensive issues due to the use of a fire pit on a wood deck range from full-on fire damage and the destruction or weakening of the decking and the supporting structure to cosmetic damage from scorching. Similarly plastics (polypropylene PVC etc.) are commonly used in composite decking so the risk of warping and melting under high-heat conditions like those produced by a fire.【Get Price】

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“A fire screen can contain errant sparks and embers on a wood deck but composite decking needs to be protected from the bowl as well. A metal fire pit can reach up to 800°F pushing 200° to 400° of radiant heat onto decking; plastics soften at 176° and melt between 250° and 350°. A thermal barrier can prevent high heat from warping.【Get Price】

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There are variables involved that you must take into account but generally the answer is yes you can put a fire pit on composite decking. These variables include the type of composite material the type and design of your fire pit and the kind of fire protection you put underneath.【Get Price】 fire pit mat for decking

Ember Mat Fire Pit Mat Grill Mat with 16 Inch 932 Degree Fahrenheit Leather Forge Fire Resistant Gloves Protect You and Your Deck Patio Lawn or Campsite from Popping (Red59 x 47 Inch) 15 £56 99【Get Price】

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Related Sites: and Contact E-mail:[email protected] Outdoor deck The choice of colours of.【Get Price】

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With DeckProtect you can place your fire pit on one side of the deck in the spring and on the other side of the deck in the fall. Or you can put it aside to set up a dinner table or a game. DeckProtect fully protects your deck for a fraction of the cost while giving you complete flexibility.【Get Price】

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Fireproof Mat Fire Pit Mat: (32″) Pad Deck Protector This is a set of fire protecting mat and an associated burn barrel. The barrel can be used to light the fire. It is a perfectly sized mat and is round in shape which will fit any kind of pit.【Get Price】

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