fire retardant wood floor balcony

Flame Retardants for Timber | The WPA

Flame retardant treatments enhance the 'reaction to fire' properties of wood and wood - based materials. Reducing ignitability and consequent spread of flame slows down the development of the fire and allows significantly more time for the occupants of a building to escape and for the fire to be extinguished.【Get Price】

Fire Retardant Paints for Wood Timber | Rawlins Paints

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Paint is a matt white single-pack waterborne coating for wood and other wood derivatives that achieves Class 1 and Class 0. Achieves the equivalent to Class 0 and Class 1 to EU Standard EN13501-1:2007 Can be over-coated with waterborne paints Simple certificate application following purchase and application... £105.00【Get Price】

Fire Retardant Timber and Wood Paint | Promain

These fantastic intumescent coatings provide wooden and timber surfaces with a protective layer which insulates the surfaces from heat and oxygen which will therefore help to control the spread of flames and fire as well as providing structural stability for the building.【Get Price】

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