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Cleaning of a composite deck involves sweeping of the debris such as dirt and leaves from your deck. Follow this by cleaning your deck using Messmer’s Composite Deck Cleaner or use any of the cleaners that are available in the market and suits your needs. Use water to rinse and ensure that the surface of the deck is clean.【Get Price】

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Yes an outdoor rug can be put on composite decking. Outdoor rugs add so much aesthetic value to a deck space. Be mindful of the materials your rug is made from before making your choice and enjoy all that a decked out composite deck can offer you and your home.【Get Price】

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As Saige composite decking installer you can use 4x2 treated joists as with all wood will rot eventually if you i would put down mot type 1 wack it down then put a good quality landscape fabric down will reduce the rotting of the timber you might have to dig out first of course. As for decking joists i use ryno metal joists as this will give you approx 25 years plus may be expensive but at.【Get Price】

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composite decking isn't really a composite its just recycled plastic with a wrapping. Nice stuff but a lot heavier than wood. Starboard is great stuff but the postage would be a killer. Personally stained and sealed wood works the best as it doesn't affect the drainage to the bilge and it can be removed. Carpet is the worse as you need open loop or the hooks get stuck and it holds water which.【Get Price】

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Installing Composite Deck over Cement - composite decking can be. the pressure treated boards used in the deck frame need to be attached to the patio with concrete anchors and construction glue.【Get Price】

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Composite decking has become an extremely popular material for outdoor decks. Because your deck is exposed to the elements every day routine cleaning is needed to keep it looking great. Keep the surface as dry as possible and free of debris by sweeping frequently. Scrub it by hand or with a pressure washer at least twice a year. Address stains as soon as possible and make sure your deck.【Get Price】

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Static electricity can build up on occupants walking across any composite decking surface including then produce a small static shock if they touch a grounded metal surface such as railing door etc. This condition can be decreased greatly with the use of a product call ACL Staticide®. Two products tested were General Purpose Staticide.【Get Price】

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Composite decking can be quite porous so it’s important to use the correct cleaner on your deck. Avoiding using any deck cleaner that has bleach in it as it can be extremely corrosive. Instead use an oxygenated cleaner that can reach deep into the material and clean the inside of the deck as well as the outside.【Get Price】

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Our decking can be used in a variety of locations and come in a stylish range of colour options including natural browns with Oak and Walnut as well as more modern greys in Granite and Stone. Hyperion Pioneer products will naturally lighten over the first 8-10 weeks before stabilising as a result of any exposure to sunlight as well as the natural tannins (oils) in the wood content leaching.【Get Price】

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While mildew and mold can infiltrate and ruin a wooden deck it can’t damage a composite deck. They look unsightly on your deck but it won’t harm or ruin the composite structure. The best way to clean mildew and mold from composite decking is by using the soap-and-water method mentioned in the previous chapter. General debris【Get Price】

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After weighing the options you’ve decided you want to use composite material to build your deck. Composite decking which is made from a combination of wood and plastic lasts longer than traditional wood because it’s less prone to rotting splintering and insect damage. But to truly get the most out of your new composite deck you have to start with a strong frame.【Get Price】

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Top-quality composite decking can be two to three times as expensive as comparable cedar planking. A brand such as costs $3 to $7 per square foot. But the difference between expensive and more economy composites isn't a matter of quality but of style color and texture. Always look to less expensive products first and if they satisfy your design needs lean that direction.【Get Price】

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