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Aismalibar Copper-Clad laminates for PCB - Cooling.

Aismalibar has more than 60 years of experience manufacturing high end Copper and Metal Clad Laminates for the Printed Circuit Board Industry. During the last two decades Aismalibar has been focused on offering the best solutions to reduce the operational temperature of the Printed Circuit Boards.【Get Price】

What is Copper Clad Laminate Used for PCB

Lead-Free Copper Clad Laminate - The lead-free copper-clad laminate refers to CCLs whose surface mounting is carried out without the application of lead-free solder. According to the regulations of RoHS six substances such as PBDE and PBB are no longer in use for copper-clad laminate. If we compare it with the DICY curing system (with a curing agent dicyandiamide) applied in ordinary FR-4.【Get Price】

Copper clad laminates - SBHPP

Phenolic Resin Copper-clad Laminates SUMILITE®PLC. SBHPP collected its production of paper phenolic resin copper-clad laminates into SNC Industrial Laminates in Malaysia. SNC develops new products through close cooperation with related divisions in Japan. Its products' line-up are Low odor Environment friendly For lead free solder and so on.【Get Price】

What is Copper Clad Board | PCBCart

Copper Clad Laminate abbreviated to CCL is a type of base material of PCBs. With glass fiber or wood pulp paper as reinforcing material a copper clad board is a type of product through lamination with copper clad on either one side or both sides of reinforcing material after being soaked in resin. How are CCLs Classified?【Get Price】


FLEXTHERMis a high technology thermal insulated metal substrate also known as a metal core copper clad laminate for use in the production of conformable metal printed circuit boards. Its low thermal impedance allows the dissipation of temperature from the heating elements of a PCB into FLEXTHERM’s metal core at an extremely efficient rate.【Get Price】

What Is Copper Clad Laminate (CCL)? - PCBGOGO

And the copper clad laminate is a kind of material that soak in resin with the electronic glass fiber or other reinforcing material to make with copper clad on either one side or both sides. what's more it’s widely applied in television radio computer mobile communications and other electronic products. Copper clad laminate (CCL) types【Get Price】

Copper-clad laminates | Chukoh Chemical Industries Ltd.

CHUKOH FLO™ Copper-clad laminates are the products that have placed electrolytic copper foil onto one side or both side of laminated fluoroplastic impregnated glass fabric or laminated fluoroplastic film. With our original fluoroplastic impregnated technology we provide a circuit board which has accuracy in thickness and dielectric constant and have excellent results for developing the.【Get Price】

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