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Floor Tiles: 5 eco-friendly smart options to choose from.

Cork is eco-friendly as it is made from the bark of a cork oak tree. Bamboo: Floor Tiles. An excellent alternative to hardwood bamboo is a recyclable sustainable material which can be grown and regrown. Bamboo is harder than oak which makes it a good option too.【Get Price】

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What Makes a Floor Eco-Friendly? As we all know environmentally-friendly materials are those made from natural sustainably-sourced products. This same principle is true when it comes to flooring. Additionally an eco-friendly floor will require less energy to produce use and dispose of.【Get Price】

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Go Green Make sure your flooring is eco-friendly. Now you can find environmentally friendly natural floorings in a variety of materials styles and finishes-all at CSM Flooring. These eco-friendly resources are sustainable rapidly renewable and affordably priced. Bamboo Natural bamboo is elegant versatile and very durable. It offers the performance attributes and natural aesthetics of […]【Get Price】

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Porcelain and ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly in a number of ways starting with the material. Made from a mixture of clay and water tile can be sustainably sourced in many cases. Additionally since this material is so durable some tiles are made of up to 70% recycled porcelain and ceramic.【Get Price】

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There are plenty of online stockists out there that are supplying eco-friendly tiles. One company that offers eco-friendly ceramics is Porcelanosa who have created a ceramic parquet that is made from 95% recycled materials. Their tile is designed to reflect the textures and grains of natural wood with the technical properties of ceramic!【Get Price】

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Sustainable ("green" or "eco-friendly") floors utilize sustainable and/or recycled materials. Floors can also be considered eco-friendly based on the disposal of the materials upon replacement. Poured-in-place seamless floors are part of the building’s structure unlike many other products.【Get Price】

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Why is stone tile eco-friendly? February 13th 2015 | Posted in: News. When people are in search for a suitable floor for the wet areas of their home green-minded folks find their choices somewhat limited. In our opinion natural stone tile (like Limestone Slate Quartzite Travertine Marble)makes an excellent choice.【Get Price】

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We source from modern state of the art factories that adhere to sustainable and eco friendly policies such as using recycled card for their boxes using recycled ceramics in the production process (Johnson Tiles use up to 28% recycled product in each production run)and manufacturers who generate their own energy. Modern tile factories today are “closed loop” reusing water and materials.【Get Price】

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The coatings that are often applied to the concrete can have an adverse effect on the environment. Our concrete polishing process uses as much as 30 times less energy than traditional flooring solutions. The floor maintenance system used to regularly clean polished concrete is also the only completely eco-friendly cleaning method. It uses.【Get Price】

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