use marine carpet on tongue and groove porch

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Tongue groove porch flooring is made up of wood flour and plastic each of which feature a tongue and a groove. The grooves on tongue and groove wood flooring planks are cut into one long side and one short side and the tongues stick out on the other two sides. In its installation composite porch flooring can either be secret nailed glued down to a suitable sub floor or laid in a floating.【Get Price】

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Typically tongue and groove wood flooring is used for most porches and I recommend it also. If you elect to go that way treat the boards prior to putting them down. That way you can treat the tongues and grooves and also the bottom of the boards. I recommend using a product from Sikkens.【Get Price】

can i use marine floors on tongue and groove porch

Porch Floor - tongue and groove Woodworking Talk . Aug 1 2019 Pine will rot unless you put a film finish on it. You could use a marine grade spar varnish but you would have to also coat the edges of the tongue...【Get Price】

can you use heart pine floors on outdoor porch floors

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Another way to install tongue and groove flooring is to drive the nails at an angle through the tongue part of the piece of hardwood into the subfloor. This is a physically demanding as well as time consuming process; on top of that it is typically not done well which defeats the purpose of having a tongue and groove system anyways.【Get Price】

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Aside from the tongue and groove decking kit you will need to have a few everyday tools and basic knowledge of DIY will help you a lot. Step 1-Preparing the Decking Assuming you have a simple rectangular area that you are going to apply the decking to simply cut all of the floor planks to the same length.【Get Price】

What color should I stain tongue and groove porch ceiling?

I am having trouble choosing a stain for the tongue and groove porch ceilings. I like the color in this photo does anyone know what color this might be?【Get Price】

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If you give us a call at 1-877-232-3915 one of our sales representatives will be more than happy to assist you with any installation questions you have on tongue and groove decking. Or feel free to send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get you in touch with someone.【Get Price】

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This means that laying resilients directly on any kind of board subfloor is out—because even if the boards are tongue-and-groove and sanded smooth they will move with moisture cycles opening gaps that can show up in the flooring. The fix is to cover the subfloor with a wood underlayment.【Get Price】

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I'm looking for the right fastener to use on my 1x4 tongue and groove pt pine porch. I figured 8d 2 1/2" galvanized ring shank finish nails would be ideal but I can't find them at local stores (HD Lowes). There are galvanized finish but no ring shank galvanized ring shank but not a finish nail finish ring shank but brite not galvanized. I.【Get Price】

Porch Floor Tongue and Groove - Front Porch Ideas

Tongue and groove flooring is the traditional porch flooring option. A board floor of 2x6s much like that on a deck will have the noticeable spaces between the boards. No matter how tight you place the boards beside each other they will eventually dry and contract thereby creating the spaces.【Get Price】

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