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Types of fences: Complete overview of all possible fences

A natural fence oozes tranquillity and can be made with many different types of plants. The biggest disadvantage is the fact that they grow very slow and uneven. This fence won’t be sufficient if you have pets running around. How many times you need to trim it depends on the chosen type of plant. Keep in mind that some plants loose their leaves in winter!【Get Price】

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There are three styles for bamboo fencing: live bamboo bamboo cane and rolled bamboo. Rolled bamboo and bamboo cane use poles linked together that are a bit sturdier than live bamboo. Live bamboo can grow up to a foot a year. We would not recommend this style in colder climates.【Get Price】

What's the Best Type of Fence for Gardens? A Style Guide

Larch-lap panel fencing is a common type of budget fencing made of horizontal slats. Like close board fencing it can be used with either timber or concrete posts and gravel boards with the same advantages and disadvantages to these as explained above.【Get Price】

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All the pictures above have been of white fences but vinyl fencing actually comes in many different color options. Vinyl fence comes in white ivory khaki beige cedar wood-grain forest green chestnut tan and black. You may even be able to find more colors available through different fencing companies or manufacturers.【Get Price】

What different types of fencing are available?

One of the most popular types of fence panels horizontal fence panels are created from waney edge boards which are slightly overlapped. Waney edge boards are cut straight from the tree and the waney edged side will still have bark on while the other edge is square.【Get Price】

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