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Solid natural bamboo hardwood flooring is the real thing we don’t do replicas or imitations this is solid bamboo hardwood straight through in all it’s glory The natural tone is stunning and is the most neutral floor we have this can and is used in almost any and every setting not too light and a little hint of dark at night a floor to be desired by many solid natural.【Get Price】

Bamboo Flooring vs Hardwood: Which Should You Choose.

Now the Durability of Hardwood vs Bamboo: Hardwood is a popular flooring choice and gives you plenty of fantastic advantages you won’t want to overlook. People use some of the strongest trees available when making hardwood such as oak hickory and cherry. The Janka rating measures the hardness of wood and the hardest is 3500.【Get Price】

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Bamboo Flooring Cost This material is priced at about the same level as most hardwood floors. You can find bamboo flooring products ranging from about $2 to $8 per square foot with a national average of $3.84 per square foot. Installation costs for bamboo flooring are much the same as for hardwood flooring.【Get Price】

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Bamboo hardwood flooring is a natural material to cover the surface which has many properties hardwood despite the fact that it actually refers to one type of grass. Bamboo is made from natural vegetation. Bamboo is a renewable resource that can grow to maturity in the course of only three to five years.【Get Price】

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Cali Bamboo flooring undergoes our proprietary Fossilized® manufacturing process that makes it twice the density of any other hardwood floor in the world backed by a 50-year warranty. Preferred by contractors builders and DIY homeowners Cali Bamboo is ultra-low VOC the perfect union of sustainability and durability to last a lifetime.【Get Price】

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