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Wood Floor Finishes Clean rejuvenate and maintain new and old wooden floors. Perfect for softwood and hardwood engineered parquet and solid wooden flooring these flooring oils floor varnishes floor stains and floor cleaners provide everything needed to keep wood floors in tip top condition and looking great. 222 products【Get Price】

The 3 Best Decking Oil Treatment Products | Decking Hero™

New wooden decking structures should always be treated. If you plan on treating an older deck surface it’s very important to either clean or your surface before treatment. Attempting to apply product to a used dirty deck will not be effective. After cleaning leave enough time for the surface to dry thoroughly before getting started.【Get Price】

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Durable floor products that protect and nourish the wood helping it look better for longer Wood floor paint Floor paint that adds a splash of colour to your room while leaving a diamond hard finish【Get Price】

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Decking Treatment Keep your wooden decking looking great all year round by protecting it from the elements. Our range of decking stains decking oils decking cleaners strippers and finishes includes Decking Paint.【Get Price】

Treating Timber Decking | Ways to Teat Timber Decking and.

Using Danish Oil to Treat Decking and Exterior Timber Danish Oil is a wood finish made from either Tung Oil or Linseed Oil. Other plant extract oils can be used too (mineral oil Tung oil linseed oil poppy oil cotton oil sunflower oil among others!). It usually consists of two thirds to a half oil with the balance being varnish.【Get Price】

What Is the Best Deck Treatment for Dry Cacked Wood.

Bondo is a more heavy duty solution to dry cracked wood on your deck. You will mix and apply the Bondo to the cracks. You will let it dry completely and then sand the deck with a belt sander. Because Bondo will not be the same color as your deck it is best to apply a paint or opaque stain to the deck once you have sanded.【Get Price】

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