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Polymer coated wire is cost efficient and safe way to fence in your horses. This wire design coats high tensile wire with polymer to add a visual and safety barrier for your horses. Polymer coated wire is available in 3 4 5 or 6 strand fence. Posts are pressure treated and can be 4"x4" square posts or 4" or 5" round posts.【Get Price】

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Polymer rail systems such as the Centaur HTP® horse fence provide a traditional look with the benefit of low maintenance but are not suitable to use where there are other animals grazing. Tornado Wire’s Torus horse fencing is manufactured from high tensile steel wire; the specifications available can cater for horses of all sizes.【Get Price】

High Tensile Horse Fencing

Centaur Horse Fence Centaur high tensile polymer horse fence utilizes the strength of high tensile with a polymer covering that adds increased visibility and thus safety to the fence. A basic high tensile consists of 3 4 or 5 strands of high tensile wire. Often the top and several other wires are insulated. If the fence is energized and remains energized while horses are in the pasture they.【Get Price】

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We also suggest a thin tape or electric rope with the top strand of line wire to make the fence more visible to your horse. Lighting Equine Wire is a 2.5 Line Wire coated with white polymer which contains rail fins attached to the Line Wire that extends to the outside of the polymer. This gives an electric shock on contact.【Get Price】

Centaur Fencing: High Tensile Polymer Horse Fencing

Considering his experience in plastics and polymers a polymer horse rail fence was the perfect idea. And so The Cenflex product was born. A multi wire high tensile fence coated in a flexible polymer rail. With over 4200 lbs of break strength on the Centaur HTP product your fence will not be breaking anytime soon.【Get Price】

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High Tensile Rail System McNamara Fencing’s Flexible rail system is a continuous flexible polyethylene rail with three high tensile steel wires embedded in the plastic to give strength to the rail. This rail is a tensioned fence and acts like a belt around your paddock. The rail is attached to wooden posts with【Get Price】

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Similar to a rail fence in appearance a high-tensile polymer fence is made of vinyl plastic panels with a few high-tensile steel wires surrounding them. Wires are spaced around sixteen to ninety feet apart. High-tensile polymer fences are also fairly solid with good visibility. These fences come in a wide variety of styles which means that you can choose any design that suits your style.【Get Price】

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Horse Fencing (HT11/127/8 is a taller option to the HT10/107/8 horse fence this product has 8cm (3″) between the vertical wires which is designed to stop horses and ponies from damaging their hooves by getting them caught in the fence. High tensile fencing can be strained tighter than mild steel and therefore requires less intermediate posts.【Get Price】

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Finishline Fencing and Finishline XL are your answer to an affordable easy to install maintenance free fencing for your Horses and Land. Both Finishline and Finishline XL will deliver proven decades of performance all while increasing the value of your property. Visible beautiful and strong Finishline and Finishline XL will not disappoint.【Get Price】

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The flexible design of the fence rail ensures that if a horse pushes or rushes the fence the rail will give just enough to prevent injury without compromising the ranch perimeter. Our exclusive high-tensile polymer bracket with steel reinforced bar is indestructible.【Get Price】

Flex Fencing for Horses High tension super strong fencing

Flex Fence or flexible fencing is a style of equine or decorative fencing that utilizes high tensile galvanized steel wire with a bonded or trapped polymer around the wire. Highly visible it is one of the preferred methods of safely containing horses in a paddock. The polymer coating comes with a varying warranty based on the style or.【Get Price】

Centaur HTP® Fencing | Excellent horse fence

By far our most recommended style of horse fencing Centaur HTP® Fence Systems is a polymer flexible rail fencing designed specifically for horses. It is designed to flex upon impact and bounce a horse off of it greatly reducing the change of injury. It is an excellent low maintenance fence that looks beautiful for years when properly installed.【Get Price】

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Equisafe’s plastic fencing eliminates the rot and decay problems associated with other fencing solutions and eliminates the problems that comes with a horse chewing or cribbing rails or posts thanks to the spirally embedded wire into the rails that conduct electricity. All you need is just to connect an energizer to the fence. High density polyethylene and high quality UV stabilisers makes.【Get Price】

On The Fence: Tips for Choosing Horse Fencing

There are several different types of fencing to choose from – wooden boards metal pipe mesh vinyl and PVC planks high-tensile polymer (HTP) electric and barbed wire fencing. Each of these types of fencing has pros and cons; however it’s industry knowledge that barbed wire should be avoided where horses are concerned because they can get seriously injured if they get tangled in it.【Get Price】

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The perfect solution for keeping your horse off the top rail while maintaining that elegant four-rail estate look. Hot Rail ® has the Deluxe polymer thickness of Centaur ® rail with the added benefit of electric fence capabilities. Combination of electric and non-electric rail fencing. Electrified for Hot Rail ® for top rail. Deters cribbing.【Get Price】


Many fences produce jagged cracked edges that will harm your horse. There’s only one fencing company that can produce high-quality animal fencing that fuses the strength of lumber with the sustainability of polymer. We can help you develop a horse fence that will keep your horses safe for years without having to commit to regular maintenance.【Get Price】

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Page 4 of 5 Wood posts/all polymer grid fences are relatively new to BC but are a proven product that is quite “horse safe.” This polymer is produced in a grid format that has 2” by 2” openings (5 ft【Get Price】

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PolyPlus HTP® is permanent fencing that uses a 12.5 gauge pre-straightened galvanized high-tensile wire embedded in a tough HTP® polymer coating to produce a safer and more visible wire fence. PolyPlus HTP® installs like high-tensile wire and is engineered for durability resistant to wear and withstands extreme temperature ranges.【Get Price】

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Bayco® Finishline Fencing has been safely containing horses for over 30 years. Don’t be fooled by cheap low quality imitations. Don’t be fooled by cheap low quality imitations. Finishline Fencing is strong with 1250 lbs. of breaking strength per strand.【Get Price】

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These horse fences have an appearance that is similar to post and rail but their flexible and lightweight construction requires fewer supporting posts and offers improved impact absorption. Unlike wooden rails polymer coated rails are very unlikely to splinter and have no need for additional maintenance (e.g. staining or painting).【Get Price】

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