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You'll find useful information such as what each job entails how long it usually takes and a breakdown of the expected costs for tradesmen materials waste removal scaffolding etc. £750 Cost of Capping Fascias and Soffits £500【Get Price】

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Generally £ per meter dependant on style and height however small sections or repairs need to be priced on their own merit. A single post replacement could be £100 however in a decent run of basic post and rail you could get 5 meters for that same £100. Never say how long it will take.【Get Price】

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A fence price guide based on our experience in home renovations. Advice – should you choose timber or concrete posts? A complete and in-depth breakdown of the cost to replace a fence (materials waste disposal prices labour charges and VAT etc). A works schedule so you can see the process of removing and replacing fence panels.【Get Price】

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Job Description: Job Price: Remove existing fencing including concreted in posts. £18 p/l.m. Fix new 1800m x 75mm wooden posts with metposts (min. of 5). £45 p/p. Fix new 2400mm x 75mm wooden posts with concrete (min. of 5). £55 p/p. Fix new 1800mm x 100mm wooden posts with metposts (min. of 5). £54 p/p: Fix new 2400mm x 100mm wooden posts.【Get Price】

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The Most Significant Fence Pricing Factors Different styles lengths heights and shapes can raise or lower the cost to install a wood fence. Decorative features frequently add to the price. You\\\\\'ll also pay more if your fence isn\\\\\'t a straight line rectangle or square. Preassembled gates are less expensive than custom units. The specific species of tree used for your wood fence.【Get Price】

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Job location Whether your job location is close to the office or more remote will impact how you should be pricing your quote. Fencing site size Measuring the job site is especially important as a fencing contractor. Proper fence site measurements will help you guide your budget and it will better inform your customer. Accurate measurements.【Get Price】

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