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Comprehensive deck building and planning guidance and advice online. Downloadable guides. Step by step instructions on how to install decking and subsequent components.【Get Price】

Types of Balcony Structures | Balcony Systems

This is the most popular type of balcony structure mainly because of the simplicity of implementation and the minimal load implications on the building. In fact it is a separate structure to the building and on occasions is not even connected structurally. The balcony structure is supported using vertical pillars or posts. The weight of the balcony or balconies (if stacked on top of each.【Get Price】

Non-Combustible Decking System | BuildDeck UK

Under the new regulation any and every building work which starts after 20th February 2019 must follow certain specifications. The goal of these is to ensure that no balconies or decks constructed in new buildings are made up of combustible materials. This applies to new buildings that are above 18m and are used as sleeping places for people.【Get Price】

Understand Balconies | Cantilever Glide-on Balconies

The balcony Cassette® (the frame structure and balustrade) is a deck made with oversized holes to receive the steel arms when the Cassette® is craned into position. Each Cassette® is delivered preassembled and factory finished to a high-quality standard with minimal on-site finishing.【Get Price】

Balcony Design Build Installation - Sunrock Balconies

Step 1 Get in touch – fill out the Request a Quote form and tell us what you are looking for.. Step 2 One of the Sunrock Team will assess your requirements and send you a quote or contact you to discuss your balcony project if we need more information.【Get Price】

How to Build a Balcony |

Begin by cutting your ledger and floor joists to the desired measurements depending on what your individual plan is for the construction of your custom balcony. Nail these pieces into place and make sure that you are using lag bolts to secure the ledger. Use six-inch lag bolts at a minimum for the best possible results.【Get Price】

BALCONY PLANNING RULES: Things to consider while building a.

Building a balcony Overlooking can be addressed via appropriate screening (also increasing safety). For safety concerns the rail has to be a minimum of 110cm high and the gaps between the rails cannot be too wide (clearly for the safety of children.)【Get Price】

To not want the neighbours to build a balcony over-looking.

We applied for a balcony and it was rejected for the reasons you mentioned. Definitely contact the planning department or your local council website and look at the planning department section. You can search to see if there is an application in process or has already been approved/rejected.【Get Price】

Advice Note on Balconies on Residential Buildings - AliDeck.

Balcony fires can spread to the adjacent balconies or into the building. If combustible materials have been used in the balcony or external wall system it is possible that fire may spread rapidly across the façade. The risk is increased if combustible materials are used extensively (i.e. in floors and facades of balconies and in certain geometries).【Get Price】

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