how to attach a woood fence to concrete

Concrete fence postattaching wood post without drilling.

Your only way to get a proper secure post is to attach them by drilling into the concrete posts and using fixings. You can get a budget corded drill which will drill holes for the fixings. It doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. These users thanked the author The Weegie for the post:【Get Price】

How do I fix a wooden post to a concrete Fence post | DIY.

The concrete posts have steel bars running through the centreSo drill slowly and use thunderbolt fixings to fix yourtimber tono rawplugs are required.【Get Price】

3 Ways to Connect Wood to Concrete - wikiHow

Drive the screw through the wood and concrete. Use a drill or screwdriver to drive the screw completely through the wood and concrete holes. If you are driving multiple screws use the first screw you drive in as a test screw to make sure the hole is deep enough and you've used enough wire.【Get Price】

How to Attach Wood to Concrete Without Drilling Holes in It

When using this method to attach wood to concrete you should do your best to hit the nail straight down and not at any angles. The reason for using a sledgehammer instead of even a regular heavy-duty hammer is because the concrete nails are most often made from steel.【Get Price】

How To Attach Trellis To A Fence | Garden Makeover | Checkatrade

Using 35mm screws fix one U bracket on the inside of each fence post or wood batten extension about halfway between the top and bottom of where the trellis panel will go. Slot the trellis panel into place fixing it to the posts with 35mm screws putting them through the bracket.【Get Price】

How to Install a Fence Mounted to Concrete (A Better Approach)

If you’re mounting a fence to concrete you’ll want to use metal fence posts. While some companies make metal post brackets to mount wood posts to concrete a privacy fence built with metal posts can outlast a wood fence by decades. You’ve seen fences like this. This fence is not leaning…【Get Price】

Fixing a 75x75mm Wooden post to a 75x75 Concrete post.

Stud Iron. Essentially threaded rods normally used with resin fixings. I picked up some M10 rods drill through wooden post and concrete post washer and nut on one end of rod pass through hole washer and nut on other end tighten and cut off excess. They're not going anywhere.【Get Price】

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