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HOLLOW-CORE LIFTING BEAM The RoCo Standard Lifting Beam is used for lifting hollowcore concrete slabs from the bed or on-site for installation. It is used in conjunction with RoCo lifting clamps. The carriages onto which the clamps are attached roll along the beam for adjustment.【Get Price】

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A-01 Layout connection details - Hollow-Core Slabs . Download. PANNEAUX ARCHITECTUREAUX SCHOKBETON. A-02 Layout connection details - Hollow-Core Slabs . Download. A-03 Layout connection details - Hollow-Core Slabs. A-03 Layout connection details - Hollow-.【Get Price】

Hollow Core Advantages and Applications | Banu Mukhtar

Manufacturing in quality controlled environment: Hollow Core slabs are casted and cured in a quality controlled environment eliminating the need for site storage. This means it is exceptionally resistant to impact corrosion weathering and abrasion making it virtually maintenance free.【Get Price】

New manufacturing method for prestressed hollow-core slabs.

Hollow-core slabs weigh up to 40% less than solid floor slabs thus requiring less concrete in manufacturing. Therefore they are widely used all over the world; however the width of the slab is strongly limited due to the manufacturing process. Service ducts and concrete block-outs or lifting anchors are not possible.【Get Price】

The Manufacturing Process for SILICAWOOD® Hollowcore Slabs.

Hollow core slabs have longitudinal cores. The light weigh material combined with the extrusion process yields a considerable weight saving making the slabs up to 80% lighter than traditional concrete This reduces managing transport and on site construction costs Normal production width is 1200 mm. Other widths are used as well (e.g. 600 mm 2400 mm. Normal slab depths go from 120 mm to 500 mm.【Get Price】

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