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High-pressure laminate flooring is excellent for high humidity applications because it’s made with a special glue that reduces the absorption of moisture. Laminate flooring is inexpensive comprised of wood composites that are pressed together for high strength and water resistance.【Get Price】

What Types of Flooring Are Best for Hot and Humid Climates?

Porcelain is a hard very durable surface--perfect for damp climates. It is harder than ceramic. Because of the manufacturing process porcelain's density absorbs very little water from humidity. The high density also makes it durable.【Get Price】

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While the water-based finish is great at preventing mildew that can develop in moist conditions it's also defensive against UV rays (which still are present even in damper colder climates). Additionally a water-based finish is not as odorous and can even be fire-resistant making it a not-so-great option for hot dry climates.【Get Price】

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Porcelain is a human-made ceramic tile that withstands humid climates very well. It has a low absorption rate of 0.5 percent making it essentially waterproof. However porcelain tiles can be slippery when wet. We recommend that you shop for tile slip-resistant treatments or choose a rougher surface porcelain tile.【Get Price】

Best and Worst Flooring Choices for Wet Areas

The term organic technically refers to any material that is carbon-based and was once living but when used to describe flooring materials it usually refers to plant-based materials such as solid hardwood engineered wood or bamboo which is actually a grass. When subjected to moisture organic materials will quickly begin to decompose and they can soon become a host for a variety of molds.【Get Price】

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Here in Orlando where our homes can begin to feel like a sauna from the rising temperatures and high humidity you might think that hardwood isn’t the best flooring option. However you don’t have to give up on this dream just yet. There are plenty of wood species that can withstand humid climates with the proper care. Read on to find out which hardwoods make the cut for your next.【Get Price】

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Aluminum decking is one of the best options for wet climates. That means pool decking or states that receive a lot of rain seasonally are all year long. We’re looking at you Seattle. It’s also perfect for upper deck as there are interlocking products that are watertight with built-in channels to direct the rain instead of letting it drip. Cold climates are an option as well considering it.【Get Price】

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Before making a decision consider your climate and which materials work best there. Vinyl and Linoleum: Not What You Might Think. Vinyl and linoleum are words that are often used interchangeably but they’re different materials. There are numerous high-quality vinyl flooring options that aren’t your grandmother’s flower-patterned.【Get Price】

What Are The Best Home Building Materials For Hot Humid Climate?

The best building materials for hot humid climate balances both. These materials may include: Permeable indoor wall coverings: These allow moisture to escape from the building; Fasteners: Stainless steel and aluminum fasteners will be the best choice to repel rust【Get Price】

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