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"Just a note on Pontoon Restoration we had some work done to our pontoon. Carpet new seats lighting major restoration. It came out great! Suggestions from Dave were well thought out and improved our vision of our pontoon immensely. With the exception of a few dents in the exterior of the boat (put there carefully by my wife) our boat looks brand new. The quality of products used and the.【Get Price】

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The floor on my boat has a couple of rivets that have pulled through the wood and is a little bit soft in areas. I am seeing if anyone has put marine grade plywood over the existing floor. I am thinking of purchasing the plywood and stainless screws but have some concerns about the two staying together. What about putting Liquid Nails or some other adhesive to the two half's ?【Get Price】

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Re: hole in pontoon repair. #7 Post by SamiGuy » Fri Aug 12 2016 11:18 pm I had good results using Marine-Tex on a Jon boat and on a toon that had a tear in the bottom.【Get Price】

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One common issue with a pontoon boat is speed. Pontoon boats generally have a top speed of about 30 miles per hour. This does not make them ideal for any activity that involves a high level of speed. Pontoon boats can get more expensive engines or even more than one to increase their speed but this can get highly expensive. 2. Rough Water.【Get Price】

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Take the time to get the boat very level all around before you cut any panels. Then cut and lay down all the panels. Drill all the correct sized holes in the right places for mounting them to the boat. Drill holes for cables braces carpet snaps and any thing else that will have to cut or put a hole in the wood.【Get Price】

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My deck had holes and was starting to rot which make it ugly and could be dangerous too. Luckily they're incredibly easy to fix. Watch this quick guide on.【Get Price】

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Similarly if you make a large hole such as for a hawsepipe in a plywood deck coat the exposed wood with epoxy. For a cored deck scrape out a ring of core from between the two laminates and fill this area with thickened epoxy.【Get Price】

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This video shows an easy and inexpensive way to repair leaky or broken pontoon boats using HTS-735-11 Aluminum Brazing Rod aluminum-weld.com【Get Price】

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