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#4 Composite Decking. There are many types of composite decking.In general the word “composite” means different materials combined to make a new finished product. Most commonly low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and wood are used together but some products use rice hulls high-density polyethylene and other combinations of various materials.【Get Price】

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If you opt for natural wood decking materials the price will depend on your desired variety: Expect to pay about $3.75 per square foot for cedar and $8 per square foot for redwood (although the...【Get Price】

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Most affordable option; Easy to work with and install; Natural appearance; Cons: Least durable option; Requires careful maintenance; Softwood may be the best decking material for you if affordability is high up on your list of priorities and you don’t mind the extra maintenance. Hardwoods. Hardwood is any lumber that comes from broadleaved trees.【Get Price】

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The most affordable simplest decking boards are undoubtedly pressure-treated softwoods. They are widely available from a majority of DIY stores their availability means you can afford to be picky with who you buy from. However it’s still important to buy your boards from a reputable supplier or you may risk poor quality boards which have been stored improperly may be warped cracked.【Get Price】

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A beautiful deck starts with careful planning and design. The best looking deck often reflects some architectural elements from the house and uses them in the deck. If you have multiple decks on your home consider using matching handrails and decking material for uniformity. Consult with your builder or designer for the many options available today. Overall deck costs tend to range from $25.【Get Price】

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Hailing most commonly from the east and west coasts of Africa Iroko is a stylish and affordable hardwood decking choice. Looking very much like teak iroko boasts an irregular grain and a course texture and mellows with age. Particularly suited to anyone who likes the idea of a deck that changes colour over time this decking is currently on offer at 20% off. Here are the iroko decking.【Get Price】

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The Best Decking Material Solved! - Bob Vila. Best Decking Material. Photo: Pressure-treated lumber ($1.50 to $2.50 per square foot) is a popular and affordable wooden alternative. 【Get Price】【Get Price】

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First off we’re going to start with the most common option out there – pressure-treated lumber. So why is PT lumber the most popular option? Well for starters it one of the most affordable options which is an important factor when building a deck. Not everyone has an unlimited budget and this could very well be the only viable option.【Get Price】

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Affordable Option: Pressure-Treated Lumber This ubiquitous green-tinted wood is the No. 1 decking material sold today which isn’t surprising when you consider that pressure-treated (PT) decking is...【Get Price】

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