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A Guide to Composite Materials in Boats

Since the 1950s polyester and vinylester resins have improved steadily and GRP has become the most prevalent composite used in boatbuilding. It is used in shipbuilding too typically for minesweepers that need non-magnetic hulls. Osmotic problems from which early-generation boats suffered are now a thing of the past with modern epoxy compounds.【Get Price】

Composites in the Marine Industry

Soon glass reinforced plastic boats came into existence since the early 1950s and continue to be a significant composite construction technique in Marine applications today. Wood/Adhesive Composites Wartime requirements led to the development of 'hot molded' and 'cold molded' boat building techniques based on laying thin wood veneers over a frame.【Get Price】

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Composite materials are another great decking option for docks. Composite decking is usually chosen as a lower maintenance alternative to wood decking. One advantage that composite decking has over wood is that it never needs to be sanded stained or refinished.【Get Price】

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Over time wooden solutions or composite decking solutions will move and affect the perimeter of the structure. With Perspective Products expansion and contraction built into the product we can ensure the perimeter does not expand past the original design and maintains the structure throughout the life of the product Need decking for your marina?【Get Price】

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A boat dock see’s some incredibly harsh conditions since they are so close to the water they are typically getting abuse from waves and are often constantly saturated with water. Constant moisture is an enemy for all boat dock materials whether they are wood or composite. In fact constant moisture can lead to faster rot and decay mold and.【Get Price】

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Well i guess 3/4 ply is about 2.3-2.5 lbs a square foot and the composite board would be 2.8-3.0 lbs a square foot. Not a huge difference but definitely heavier.【Get Price】

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