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The Moving Floor system eliminates the need to tip to unload. Increasing operator safety the Moving Floor has the capability of unloading in environments with low structures or overhead obstacles including bridges and power lines which is not suited to a conventional tipper.【Get Price】

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Trailer Flooring Fixings. TRAILPARTS® stocks several sizes of flooring five-bar tread plate and steel mesh. Birch mesh plywood flooring phenolic 2500 x 1250 x 18mm.【Get Price】

KEITH V-FLOOR V-18 Drive Installation Manual

friction based principle of the WALKING FLOOR system requires a flat floor. If there are deviations exceeding 1/8” make corrections. 4. Ensure that the last beam of the trailer at the rear door threshold is level with the cross-members. 5. 2.3 When using aluminum threshold top of steel or stainless steel wear plate must be【Get Price】

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“The floor system of a typical stock trailer is not engineered to handle heavy concentrated loads so major problems will eventually follow. Replacing a floor can cost upwards of $4000 which is...【Get Price】

Finish Floor System Analysis

type of floor system to use. For example the gymnasium and the library are going to require two different types of floor systems. In this analysis I am going to compare the strengths and weaknesses of vinyl composition tile versus epoxy terrazzo flooring for the classrooms and corridors.【Get Price】

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Spec’ing with floor maintenance in mind Plan ahead and spec your trailer flooring with an eye on reducing future maintenance. Simply put: “Spec the floor system that is right for the application”...【Get Price】

Case Study #5: Floor System Analysis

Case Study #5: Floor System Analysis C l i e n t : B ro ckW o rks I n c. M o n e t a V i rg i n i a P r o j e c t: T h i s p ro j e ct ’ s f l o o r s yst e m u t i l i ze d m i d -ch o rd b e a ri n g f l o o r t ru sse s.【Get Price】

Trailer Flooring Makes a Difference in Paper Roll Transport.

The flooring cross-members and their connections form a trailer’s floor system. The trailer manufacturer assigns a floor system load rating based on the results of an industry standard test protocol. According to industry standard practice only the trailer manufacturer shall assign a load rating to the floor system.【Get Price】

Running Floor II Drive Installation Manual Original Instructions

Installation of the system with 6” flooring is similar. Information unique to 6” flooring is included where it pertains. Installation time varies and is between 35 and 100 hours depending upon the experience of the installer and the adaptability of the trailer. If the trailer is not yet built there are some trailer preparations found.【Get Price】

Running Floor II Drive Installation Manual Original Instructions

Details of the installation vary according to trailer features kit selections and installer preferences. Optional sets of instructions are given for some operations to allow for flexibility. This manual focuses on the installation of an 8” stroke system with 3 1/2” flooring. Installation of the system with 6” flooring is similar.【Get Price】

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The original and still the best winged trailer sheeting system on the market. The Double Flip is a fully automatic hydraulic sheeting system for walking floor and push-out trailers. Its field-tested design is based upon over 8 years of customer feedback and thousands are in use today! The DoubleFlip has been designed to ensure that whether you’re being loaded from a hopper or by a machine.【Get Price】

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Install it in the floor of your trailer or on top of it. Connect it to the air system. Then use the control box to lift and lower each section of Rollertrack as needed. Your cargo can then be rolled into the space with no forklifts or pallet trucks required. Simple. Straightforward. Safe.【Get Price】


1. To load with your bi-directional KEITH® Running Floor II® system simply turn the control valve handle parallel to the ground and push it all the way in. (See Diagram A.) Then follow instructions 3 4 and 5 listed above.!!Note!! Make sure the trailer door(s) is/are open BEFORE starting the floor or the trailer【Get Price】

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A retrieval system which is hydraulically operated returns the V-SWEEP system to the front of the trailer. The hydraulic sweep system is powered by the same prime mover wet kit that moves the floor. KEITH offers a variety of sweep systems including the CleenSweep® tarp system designed for lighter weight bulk material.【Get Price】

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The Truss Company designs and supplies customised timber floor systems. Our timber floor systems are fully engineered and manufactured using quality materials such as an I-Joist and LVL Joists. With a versatile range of applications our timber floor systems can be used in various residential construction settings including single storey and multi-storey projects.【Get Price】

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More specifically the floor system’s (i.e. floor cross-member and side rail) design needs to match the loading weight and frequency of the freight being transported adds Havco’s Carr.【Get Price】

Influence lines (structural analysis theories)

85 Influence Lines for Floor Girders Generally steel floor systems are constructed as shown in the figure below where it can be seen that floor loads are transmitted from slabs to floor beams then to side girders and finally supporting columns. 86. 86 Influence Lines for Floor Girders 87.【Get Price】

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Silikal flooring literature provides information on our reactive resin flooring systems. Floor Coatings for Industrial + Commercial Flooring Locations - Nationwide Floor Coat Applications | Call Toll Free: 888.830.1404【Get Price】

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The floor system of a walking floor trailer is made up of three sets of floor slats which are hydraulically powered. The third slat of each set is connected to the next set. The load on top of a walking floor trailer is then moved forwards of backwards when all sets of slats move together at once. For a load to stop moving the slats of the trailer are retracted by only moving one set of slats.【Get Price】

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The Joloda Hydraroll moving floor system is designed for businesses that have high volume logistics shuttle cases with a small fleet of dedicated trailers. Any business that want to load pallets of any sizes drums kegs paper reels stillages and loose packages in under 2 minutes.【Get Price】

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Composite floor systems In the final state the ribs in the decking serve as void formers in the slab thereby reducing the weight of floor construction with the knock-on benefits this can have. It is also possible to suspend services from the soffit of a composite slab using anchors that are designed to slot into the decking profile.【Get Price】

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Revision kits is the name Newton Trailers gives to selling a replacement set or assembly of equipment that allows the customer to refurbish a worn out floor system. It is cheaper to purchase the revision kit than to purchase the spare parts individually. Also a revision kit is more labour effecient - the seals are often supplied installed into the plank the planks can be pre-drilled and the.【Get Price】

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This system is designed to prevent the operative reaching a fall area the lanyard is connected to a D Shackle on the operatives waste. Once connected the operative has hands free access to the full load length the lanyard simply slides along two restraint line as the operative progresses along the vehicle. The length of the lanyard from its attachment to the restraint line to the hook is.【Get Price】

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