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The Best Timber Decking For Australian Yards

All timber used in decking is ranked on a scale of one to four. One is the highest durability rating timber can have and four is the lowest. All timber used in decking should rank one or two on this scale. ~ Blackbutt - This timber is great to use for a deck when you live in an area that is classified as a brush fire area.【Get Price】

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Mortlock Timber are timber decking suppliers with a passion for premium quality. Our award winning products have been refined and perfected over 20 years. Whether working on a commercial or residential project we support you with the very best timber decking so that you can deliver the highest quality craftsmanship to your clients. As premier.【Get Price】

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9. The typical timber deck. Timber decking ideas are wide and varied but you can’t go past a classic like this one. Added on to the side of the house and offering a slightly elevated view over the garden this deck idea has wide deep and short steps that lead up to an outdoor dining area.【Get Price】

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Trekker Composite Decking. These FSC® certified timber (FSC-C009500) composite decking and cladding boards are made in Europe in a state-of-the-art environmentally aware facility which is run by solar energy and where they use stored rainwater for cooling during the manufacturing process.【Get Price】

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Usually while choosing the best timber for external use we recommend the first and second classes. The main reason behind this is because of their natural durability. Besides they offer a service life of close to fifteen years for in-ground contact. In the case of outside and above ground they provide easier maintenance and a better service life.【Get Price】

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Tallowwood is the best timber for decking near water. Ironbark is the best timber for long lasting decking. Stringybark is an excellent compromise decking timber. Spotted Gum is a very fire-resistant decking timber.【Get Price】

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Ask to see the written reports. If the testing was not conducted by Australian testers throw the samples in the bin. Step 6. Call Demak Timber to discuss your findings. (We love chatting about this stuff…) We do not recommend using any composite decking with a hollow core . We do not recommend using any composite decking with a hollow core【Get Price】

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Western Red Cedar is too soft to use as decking but for screening and most outdoor joinery work it is one of the best materials to use. It is light very easy to work with and will not require as much labor as hardwoods when its oiled as it holds oils and stains much better and for a longer amount of time that almost every other timber species.【Get Price】

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Treated pine is one of the most popular decking alternatives in Australia. It’s grown in plantations which makes it an eco-friendly option. Treated pine is a timber which has been infused with chemicals and pressure-treated in order to provide long-term resistance from insect and termite infestations.【Get Price】

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In the past merbau was one of the most popular decking timbers and was even used to build house frames. It is still a popular decking timber and is less expensive than most other decking timbers. Merbau has a high durability rating of 2 and is rot and insect resistant. Much of the merbau used today comes from Southeast Asian rainforests.【Get Price】

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Australia has some of the harshest weather conditions for timber to endure. High UV hot temperatures high rain fall sea salt etc. all contribute to significant weathering and every product has its “pro’s and con’s”. Most products are designed to either penetrate/preserve the timber or create a protective film over the wood. Below is.【Get Price】

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Spotted Gum Timber Decking. Spotted gum timber is an Australian timber that is great for timber flooring timber decking timber handrails outdoor timber framing and landscaping. Spotted Gum timber also has a durability rating of Class 1. Wood from the spotted gum comes in mixed colours. Select Pacific Jarrah【Get Price】

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That’s why despite their benefits none of these hardwoods are actually the best decking materials suited for the Australian climate. Fortunately they are also not the only ones for you to consider. A number of alternatives can give you a great looking deck that also comes with a lot less of the maintenance and a longer lifespan than you could expect from a wooden deck.【Get Price】

The Best Timber Decking For Australian Yards

The best choices in timber used for decking may be discovered by weighing the following options: - Weather conditions - Effects of the environment - Presence of pests in the area . You'll want to choose timber for your deck that will be durable and resili.【Get Price】

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The market for alternative decking materials has exploded over the past few years and there are a multitude of different products available at a wide range of price points. Most timber decking alternatives are known as ‘composite’ decking and are a wood-plastic hybrid. These include brand names such as ModWood (pictured here.【Get Price】

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With over 20 years’ expertise in designing and building timber decking areas all across Melbourne you can rest assured that we’ll provide the right design superior workmanship and high-quality building materials. We’ll even produce full designs to ensure that you’re going to be happy with the end result.【Get Price】

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Native Australian hardwoods are an excellent choice for decking because of their high rigidity durability and resistance to attack by fungi and insects - perfect for the conditions of Australia. Table of timber species for outdoor use and properties【Get Price】

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Timber decking is the perfect choice for any home in Australia. An Australian deck is a great addition that will create a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors. Decking is ideal for sloping blocks where a concrete or brick construction would be too expensive. A deck is also a great alternative to pavers.【Get Price】

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Well the best timber for decking is the one that suits your property budget and requirements. Before we go any further it is important that you become aware of your options. Without knowing the different types of decking timber available for you to build from you won’t be able to make the best and most informed decision.【Get Price】

How to Choose the Best Decking Material for Your Home

Wooden decks need maintenance over time so be prepared to stain and seal the timber regularly. There’s a range of attractive stains and sealants available (with UV-protection or water-repellency) to help you achieve the look you want. Spotted gum is a durable Australian hardwood and one of the preferred decking materials on the market.【Get Price】

How to Choose the Best Decking Material for Your Home

A deck doesn’t just make your outdoor space more accessible it can also add real value to your property when you’re ready to sell. We caught up with home improvement specialist Brad Byrnes to talk all things decks from the best timber to use for decking to other decking material options such as bamboo and synthetic.【Get Price】


The Domestic Timber Deck Design Technical Guide issued by Forest and Wood Products Australia provides general information applicable to all types of light domestic decks.【Get Price】

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