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Staining and Sealing. Once the deck is fully dried and swept (in the case of using a sander) then it is ready to be stained and sealed. Applying these products before the wood is completely dry puts you at risk of them not soaking fully into the decking as they’re supposed to. If you choose to stain the deck a roller on a handle is a great.【Get Price】

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To protect freshly cut deck boards from checking (end grain splits) you need to use an end grain sealant. During the installation process this step is easy...【Get Price】

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However a thin layer of oil-based sealer can accentuate wonderfully walnut (without altering the authentic looks of the wood). Walnut has a naturally cold nuance which becomes warmer thanks to an oil-based finish. Thus the grain pattern stands out while still looking natural. Step by Step Instructions for Sealing Wood Without Changing Color【Get Price】

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Lay the First Coat Add the first coat of sealer to your wood floor using an old-fashioned trick: spread the urethane with a wool mop or any mop made of thick natural material. You can also buy wool applicators. Using this material will ensure a smooth and even first coat which is important for an equally even final result.【Get Price】

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Cover all vegetation and protect your valuables from damage before sealing the deck. Use traditional painters’ tape to cover or block surfaces that may stick to the deck sealant. Apply the deck sealer using a paint sprayer or a roller brush. Use steady strokes and back brush stains that absorb into the deck boards.【Get Price】

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As a result softwoods need a waterproofing sealer that forms a top coat to keep water from penetrating the wood. If softwoods are left unsealed for prolonged time periods they can deteriorate and rot much faster. Homeowner sanding deck stain and sealer off an old cedar deck These top coats will flake and peel off after only a year or two.【Get Price】

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