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Cost of gypsum ceiling in Kenya ranges between KES 2, 000-3, 500 per square Metre based on each particular design from simple to complex. We at Gypsum Ceiling Supplies provide installation services at a professional level.【Get Price】

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These prices would include quality ceiling tiles and grid, a levelled installation rubbish cleared from site. Prices also include VAT. In larger areas, the typical range of prices can reduce to about £15 – £18 / m². Factors Affecting the Price【Get Price】

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You can also buy them online from reputable stores and have them delivered to your location. PVC ceiling price in Kenya is around KSH5,500 for the 19ft x 12” bundle, This bundle consists of 6 pieces. The prices may vary slightly depending on where you are buying from and the quality and style of the ceiling. PVC ceiling Pros and Cons【Get Price】

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It’s also referred to as T-bar ceiling, false ceiling, grid ceiling, drop-in ceiling, drop-out ceiling, or ceiling tiles. The national average cost for installing a drop ceiling is between $955 and $1,510 , with most people paying around $1,494 for a 130 sq.ft. plastic suspended ceiling with trim.【Get Price】

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2Suspended ceiling cost calculator If you would like us to provide you with a cost for suspended ceiling, we allow for a full supply and fit services, please fill out our enquiry form found by clicking the Request Quote link at the top of the page.【Get Price】

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The average suspended ceiling cost per m2 is £28.50. What are suspended ceilings? While you may have heard the term suspended ceiling, it can be difficult to understand exactly what these ceilings are and how they can benefit you. Suspended ceilings are an extra ceiling fitted below your existing ceiling.【Get Price】


These are very common in Kenya though they are slowly being replaced by the uPVC ceilings. They cost approx. kes 700per m2 while the labour is around kes 200 per m2. They use more timber support joists compared to uPVC ceilings. Their advantage is that they are faster to fix hence saving on labour costs.【Get Price】

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