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Cut and screw in rays that go from the center to each corner. Make a smaller hexagon by cutting cross pieces 16 inches long and screwing them in between the rays. Fill in the additional framing by adding joists and more angled pieces so that there is not a span of over 16 inches. This is for deck boards which are 1 1/4 inches thick.【Get Price】

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Cut 2-by-8 boards to fit into the hexagonal frame, parallel to one another and spaced about 16 inches apart. Cut the ends of the boards at 30-degree angles, as necessary, for those joists that affix to the angled faces of the hexagon. Drive wood screws through the hexagonal frame and into the joists, at least two per board.【Get Price】

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Building a hexagon deck is more difficult than building an octagon deck because all the angles are 15, 30 and 60 degrees. The interior angles of each corner should be 120 degrees. With your plan, you can locate and install your footings on the corners of the hexagon. Build the perimeter with a double rim joist.【Get Price】

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One trick to make an easy hexagon is to frame a large rectangle and affix four triangles with right-angle bases, two each to the long sides. Draw in whatever number of corners your hexagonal deck...【Get Price】

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How To Specialist has a free deck plan for a floating deck in the shape of an octagon as well as a wooden path leading to it from your house. Included in this plan are a materials list, tools list, written directions, diagrams, and tips.【Get Price】

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With the framework assembled, the deck boards are then installed. In the case shown, the old boards were removed and new boards were used to cover the old deck framing, extending outward for the new deck area. The ends of the deck boards are cut to match the angles of the outer joists. The deck boards extend out past the joists 1-1/2 inches.【Get Price】

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