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Capped composite decking is made of functional plastics (mainly HDPE, PP) and natural fibers (wood powder). The wood plastic composite products have a surface layer and core layer, it’s a kind of new and more superior green decoration material developed on the basis of WPC decking.【Get Price】

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Class E expanded polystyrene and two outer layers made of wood-cement composite. Spruce shredded into long thin shavings – wood wool – which is then mixed with cement. Consists of a classic Troldtekt panel with a laminated, sound-absorbing backing layer of sealed mineral wool or a layer of Stratocell.【Get Price】

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Wood based panels are composed of wood or other lignocellulosic material broken down into small elements and then reconstituted to form new products using different binders under pressure and heat. Production of wood composites such as particleboard and fiberboard has been constantly increasing in the U.S. for the last 25 years. Both panel products are extensively used as a material in the.【Get Price】

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Composite wood panels can be regarded as a multi-layered composite material, where each layer has a unique set of physical properties. Individual layers can be approximated as an orthotropic material having two principal directions. Sun (1994) showed that the behavior of wood composites can be modeled using the mechanics of layered composites.【Get Price】

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Engineered wood (also called composite wood, man-made wood or manufactured board) includes wood products that are manufactured by binding or fixing strands, particles, fibers, veneers or boards of wood with adhesives or other methods in order to form composite materials. These production processes can overcome natural variations in the wood, resulting in composite panels that consistently meet.【Get Price】

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Composite wood is a new type of building material which has become more and more popular in recent years. This is a sustainable building material, made from the recycled plastic and wood grinding chips, which means using our products can help to reduce environmental pollution and prevent further deforestation.The cost of wood may be lower in the early stage, but the maintenance cost will be.【Get Price】

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