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Typical costs for 6′ tall fencing (including labor and materials) can range from $75 to $95 per foot and even higher depending on variables. However, after just a few years of your initial installation, the cost to install a wood fence plus its upkeep will exceed the cost of a Fence.【Get Price】

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Installation Prices vary greatly due to size, access, location, and many other circumstances. Typical Material and labor costs (for 6′ high fence) can range from $75 to $95 per foot and even higher depending on many variables. You will want to verify the numbers with installers prior to finalizing your budget.【Get Price】

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Average fencing cost is $22.00 to $38.00 per linear foot plus about $1,400 for a gate, depending on fence height and style. Both Seclusions fencing cost and the cost of the Horizons line are slightly higher than average for all composite fence cost.【Get Price】

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If you plan to have a pro install your fence, the installation cost per linear foot is roughly $32 to $42. Unless you’re doing the job yourself, plan to spend between $75 and $95 per linear foot for your fence. Here is a look at the cost per linear foot of other fence styles: Factors To Consider When Pricing Your Fence【Get Price】

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