how to remove tongue and groove ceiling design

Question: How can I fix my cracked Tongue Groove ceiling board?

“Tongue and Groove is pretty difficult to repair because you have the tongue and groove from which the board’s interlock with each other.” Todd Bird, Host of However, it can be repaired but when it’s repaired, the tongue is actually going to have to be cut so you can fit the board up there.【Get Price】

How do you blind a tongue and groove ceiling?

Accordingly, how do you hang a tongue and groove ceiling? Install Planks Start with your first piece: groove facing the wall, tongue facing out. Use the framing gun to add a nail to the tongue of the plank and secure in place. For the next piece, you will connect the groove of the new piece into the tongue of the first piece.【Get Price】

I would like advice on what to use to replace cardboard.

My house is a 113 yr old row house that originally had plaster ceilings.nbsp;When water and electric were finally installed in the house, they made lots of holes in the old plaster for wiring and pipe runs.nbsp;Then they attached furring strips to the ceiling and used the 12x12" cardboard tongue-in-groove ceiling tiles that staple to the wooden strips as a "drop" ceiling.nbsp;I hate it.【Get Price】

How to Remove Tongue Groove Lumber | Hunker

Use your pry bar to lift it up, then pull the groove away from the adjoining board. It should come away easily, since it is not nailed to that board. Then, use your pry bar and nail puller to loosen the nails in the next tongue edge. Pull the nails, then remove the board.【Get Price】

How to Remove a Tongue Groove Ceiling

Nails hold tongue-and-groove ceiling boards to the ceiling joists. You only need to remove fixtures that prohibit the removal of the tongue-and-groove boards. Slide a flat pry bar in between the edges of the trim work and the tongue-and-groove ceiling boards. Pry the trim away from the ceiling.【Get Price】

What to Do When Your Ceiling Has Water Damage | Tongue and.

If you have a ceiling that’s water stained, peeling and or cracked, here’s what to do.There are few feelings worse than being … Saved by Sanyu Wood Plank Ceiling Drywall Ceiling Shiplap Ceiling Repair Ceilings Removing Popcorn Ceiling Exposed Ceilings Tongue And Groove Ceiling Water Damage Repair Drywall Repair【Get Price】

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Tongue and groove paneling is a significant investment in your home and one that should be well maintained and preserved. Keeping a protective stain on top of the wood will protect it from warps and stains. Removing the old stain is a labor-intensive chore, but your fresher, brighter wood paneling might just become your favorite part of your home.【Get Price】

How do you install tongue and groove ceiling yourself?

Similarly, how do you fix a tongue and groove ceiling? Replacing A Damaged Tongue-And-Groove Board In 7 Easy Steps. Step One: Place a pry-bar between the baseboard and wall. Step Two: With a circular saw, saw down the center of the damaged Tongue-and-Groove board. Step Three: Use a broad-blade pry-bar to wedge off the sections of the board from.【Get Price】

Shrinkage in a Tongue-and-Groove Pine Ceiling

I am doing a project and the owner's pine tongue and groove ceiling is shrinking. The builder now has installed extra humidifiers to increase the moisture in the home to swell the wood back into place. Being a cabinetmaker and having 30 years under my belt I know that this is a futile and damaging process. The issue is the initial MC of the material which I am sure was much too high, along.【Get Price】

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hydrogen peroxide (3%) Wear your protective gear (respirator and gloves), and soak an old sponge in your cleanser. Apply it directly to the moldy surface, and let the wood soak up the solution. Apply a generous amount of cleanser, but not so much that it’s dripping from the ceiling.【Get Price】

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Ceilings Learn all about different ceiling styles—including flat, vaulted and cathedral—and what works best in your home.【Get Price】

joists - How can I remove just one tongue-and-groove subfloor.

My entire room consists of tongue-and-groove boards. I was under the impression that the point of this was so you didn't have to fasten them to joists with nails or screws, but all of mine are nailed in. Pulling up the nails is not a problem, but being able to lift up a section of floor without damaging the tongue (which I have done prior to figuring this out the hard way).【Get Price】

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