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How To Build A Wooden Deck With Ramp - YouTube

I show you how I built a wooden deck with ramp out of pre-treated lumber.Website: http://www.summerswoodworking.coPlease contact me through my website about.【Get Price】

Building a Deck Access Ramp | Better Homes Gardens

Keep the maximum pitch (the number of feet the ramp rises for every foot of horizontal run) to 1 in 12, and if possible, build it 42 or 48 inches wide. (The minimum width is 36 inches.) Have the building inspector review your deck ramp plans before starting construction on the project.【Get Price】

Build Wood Decks/Porches/Ramps Good-Looking and Safe

Q. How does building a deck, porch, or ramp affect home value? A. Make sure that you build a well-designed structure of high quality materials. Attractive natural wood decks and porches will add a great deal of curb appeal. This type of home addition tends to have a relatively high return on investment, approximately 80 percent. Construction of.【Get Price】

How to Clean Deck Wood With Vinegar

Rinse down the deck with your garden hose to remove stuck-on build-up. Fill a bucket with about 1 gallon water from the hose and 1 cup white vinegar. Dip either a broom or nylon scrub brush into the cleaner, and scrub across the wood deck following the direction of the wood grain. A wood deck requires maintenance just like any deck surface.【Get Price】

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