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The most recent statistics are available in UK Wood Production and Trade: 2020 provisional figures. Timber Price Indices. Statistics on timber prices are also released twice a year: Data to March are released in May; Data to September are released in November. The most recent statistics are available in Timber Price Indices: Data to March 2021.【Get Price】

Import Statistics from the US Census Bureau

A full compilation (i.e., a census) is taken of import shipments, plus U.S. Census Bureau estimates of low-valued imports and Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) estimates of trade in services. Statistics for imported goods shipments are compiled from the records filed with Customs and Border Protection, usually within 10 days after the merchandise enters the United States. Estimates are made.【Get Price】

Report No. CSS20-01 January 13, 2020

pounds of meat and poultry per year. Using population projections from the US Census Bureau, an unchanged diet would result in 646 million metric tonnes CO. 2. eq. (MMT) in 2030, whereas scenario 3 – replacing 50% of all animal-based foods with plant-based alternatives – leads to 224 MMT less emissions per year in 2030, a reduction【Get Price】

Paper Production and Consumption Facts - Green America

• A single large pulp and paper mill can consume over 3.5 million tons of wood in a year. In 2011, there were 81 mills drawing wood from the region and industry was producing over . 122,000 tons of pulp per day (Dogwood Alliance, 2015) • One key thre.【Get Price】

USDA ERS - Related Data Statistics

Production, Supply, and Distribution (PS&D) contains official USDA data on production, supply, and distribution of agricultural commodities for the United States and major importing and exporting countries. The database provides projections for the coming year and historical data on major crop, livestock, fishery, and forest commodities from more than 200 countries.【Get Price】

USDA ERS - Statistics Information

Table 1. U.S. beef industry; Year. Total beef disappearance 1. Retail equivalent of dissappearance 2. All fresh beef retail value 3. Retail equivalent value of beef produced 4. Value of cattle and calf production 5【Get Price】

United States Crop Production Department of. -

Crop Production 2014 Summary (January 2015) 7 USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service Principal Crops Area Planted and Harvested – States and United States: 2012-2014【Get Price】

World’s consumption of materials hits record 100bn tonnes a year

The report found that 100.6bn tonnes of materials were consumed in 2017, the latest year for which data is available. Half of the total is sand, clay, gravel and cement used for building, along.【Get Price】

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