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Installing Composite Deck Boards 1. Install The First Board Using NeoTimber’s Composite Decking Starter Clips Once your subframe is in place and your joists are laid at 250-350mm spacings, you are set to begin installing your deck boards.【Get Price】

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If you install your new composite deck on top of these boards, the wooden decking beneath will continue to degrade and will eventually cause your new composite deck to collapse. In reality, taking a short cut and installing composite decking over a wooden deck can actually cause you more problems and cost you more money later down the line.【Get Price】

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Use our guides to learn the basics of measuring, scoping and installing composite decking, download ® installation guides and go from dream to do. composite decking offers the look of classic timber without all of the upkeep requirements like painting, sealing, and staining.【Get Price】

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When choosing to use screws for your composite decking, simply take each decking board and find your measurements where the boards and the joists meet. Measure out two holes on either side of the face of the board, 25-30mm from each edge (depending on the width of boards you use).【Get Price】

5 Quick Tips for Installing Composite Decking by Jon Peters.

This project is sponsored by ZomeTek Composite Decking - Strong by Nature. Learn more about the xBeam Planks used in this project and the ZomeTek Lite Deck.【Get Price】

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Before you decide if a deck-board transplant is for you, take a hard look at the condition of the joists, beams and posts you currently have. I was pleased to see that the design features I’d incorporated to speed up water drainage and drying of the joists, beams and posts had worked perfectly. Except for spiderwebs and old leaves, the underlying superstructure of my deck is as good today as.【Get Price】

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In this tutorial we're going to learn how to install a composite deck with the expert team at Wickes. For more helpful videos like these, subscribe to the Wi...【Get Price】

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A clip should be installed at every intersection between a board and a joist. The spacings between your joists should be between 250-350mm. Be sure to only screw through the single counter-sunk hole of the FastClip; the other two holes are designed to allow for drainage beneath the composite decking boards.【Get Price】

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