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Chain Link Fencing Home > Product Applications > Fencing > Chain Link Fencing A type of woven fence usually made from galvanized PVC-coated steel wire which is an inexpensive way to enclose any sized area for safety or security and is not only in green colour!【Get Price】

Anti Climb Fencing Mesh Panel - Security Fencing Wire Mesh

The Anti Climb fencing Malaysia system is approved with Secured by Design as an effective form of crime prevention, so it's also as know as "Security fencing". The panel mesh is tightly configured (the hole size 12.5mm x 75mm) as there are no toe or finger holds.【Get Price】

Best Galvanised Mesh Panel Security Fence Supplier Malaysia

The fence is designed to have a triangular roll on the top and bottom of the fence make it more strong and tough. With wire thickness of 5mm and spacing of 50mm x 150mm, ROLL TOP FENCE is very strong that it cannot be bended easily. Hence, it also help prevents anyone from easily climbing over the fence to reach the protected area.【Get Price】

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Chain link fencing is possibly the cheapest fencing option compared to the other. However, it does not provide privacy or security to homes. Nevertheless, these types of fences are cheap, durable, and need very little maintenance. If you need more privacy, you can opt to grow tall shrubs around the fence.【Get Price】

Portable Fencing | Cheap Fence Panels

Portable fencing materials come in different models, all of which may be used to mark where a certain area of your home ends and where another begins. If you are not sure as to how to divide the over-all area of your home just yet, but if certain circumstances have arisen to cause the need for some sort of a fence, then it will do you well to buy this type of fencing.【Get Price】

BRC Fencing Mesh Panel - Security Fencing Wire Mesh

Brc fencing are manufactured from high tensile steel bars that are welded together to provide accurate panel and mesh dimensions. Being durable, they are able to retain its shape and strength for years to come. Not to mention it is recyclabe. Thus, it is “Green” and reduces maintenance cost to a minimum.【Get Price】

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