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Rectangular or square-shaped decks are traditional and create clean, angular lines in your garden landscape. A straight-edged deck is also easier to construct than one with a curved edge. Decking with a curved edge can help to create a softer finish to your garden design and looks great with bark, gravel or grass against the curved edge.【Get Price】

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Simple Deck Design Ideas | 2016 Pictures and Plans A deck can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From small rectangular decks to large round decks, there are countless designs to choose from. In addition to.【Get Price】

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Simple Rectangular House Design.. A deck cut into the front of the house allows the bedrooms to obtain natural light and. German House Plans, Rectangular Home...>> Simple Deck Design Ideas | 2015 Pictures and Plans . Pictures of popular 2015 dec.【Get Price】

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Our experts recommend the following minimum deck sizes dependent on your needs (though would always advise a few extra feet for comfort) – For a Simple, Relaxing Space: 2-3 people with sun loungers require at least 8 ft x 8 ft (64 ft²). For Dining: 5-6 people with an outdoor table chairs will need a space of approx. 12 ft x 12 ft (144 ft²).【Get Price】

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