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Engineered hardwood and solid hardwood look basically identical from the top. However, while real hardwood is solid all the way through, engineered flooring comes with a genuine wood veneer at the top and artificial materials for the base. This unique construction makes engineered wood more eco-friendly since less wood is being used in the.【Get Price】

Eco-Friendly Wood Flooring: The 6 Most Sustainable Choices

Many homeowners today seek sustainable, environmentally-friendly hardwood flooring for their home. What is it that makes some wood flooring sustainable, and puts others on the “do not buy” list? For starters, sustainable wood is legally sourced. In 2008, the U.S. banned the import of timber from illegal sources—but of course, it still.【Get Price】

Eco Friendly Flooring Options: The Buyers Guide to Green.

The great news is that, with the environment high on everyone’s agenda these days, flooring manufacturers have invested and developed many different environmentally friendly flooring products; so whether you prefer the classic look of hardwood or alternatives like rubber, there’s a version out there that will allow you to make a “green” choice.【Get Price】

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Top Tips to finding environmentally friendly hardwood flooring. Be sure to use wood that has come from well managed forests . Look out for the FSC logo for the product that you want to buy . Ask your supplier about the product and how sustainable it is . Think about how you will look after your floor in an eco-friendly way【Get Price】

5 Options for Eco-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

The only member of the cherry family that grows large enough to be used for lumber, black cherry is a great option for those who want eco-friendly hardwood flooring with a bit more personality. Black cherry wood is characteristically pink or reddish in hue, but the wood is sensitive to light and will darken quickly in direct sunlight. Cherry has a fine texture and a straight grain. Wavy growth.【Get Price】

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