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Stamped concrete, including popular Ashlar patterns (typically square and rectangular shapes) are the most common option for exterior commercial flooring. Brick, slate, random stone and wood plank patterns are also popular designs that look natural and authentic, and can blend easily with existing stone, tile, and wood facades.【Get Price】

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Carpeting is the most basic form of concrete floor covering. Carpets are considered an affordable floor-covering option. Carpets can be cut and sewn across demanding corners and edges to render a uniform appearance to the floor. If you have well-finished (uniform) concrete floors, a carpet-cover can be easily installed by using an adhesive.【Get Price】

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Anatomy of a Concrete Floor . Most structures are built on a sand or gravel bed that rests beneath a concrete slab that acts as the base of the building. This layer is covered with a vapor barrier sheet that prevents moisture from moving up into the concrete. A welded wire fabric mesh sheet is then placed over that in order to aid with adhesion.【Get Price】

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Since the flooring is exposed outdoors, it needs to be brighter. Nowadays, these interlocking cobblestone patios are no longer available in monotonous colors. A few unique shapes are available too. The blocks of cement or concrete connect like pieces of a puzzle using sand.【Get Price】

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We have a concrete patio covered above and on three sides but some water still flows in (we’re not in Arizona!). Currently has an outdoor carpet on top of the concrete, which holds some moisture. What flooring option is best over the top of concrete when some water may get to it from time to time?【Get Price】

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Patio Flooring Over Concrete So if you already have a concrete patio, but you don’t want to have to tear it out (NOT fun and NOT a one day deal!) then you have options. ‘ Home Depot ‘ shows us how to lay outdoor flooring over concrete – patio version.【Get Price】

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