what material is installed on a sprinter coversion wall and ceiling

Installing Cedar Walls and Ceiling in Van - DIY Sprinter Van.

We are putting up the cedar tongue and groove on the walls and ceiling of our DIY Sprinter van conversion... we also complete the insulation process during t...【Get Price】

DIY Sprinter Van Conversion | Installing Ceiling Walls and.

After installing all the electric (goo.gl/YiMUu1) and insulation (goo.gl/awYRRR) we started installing the ceiling, walls, and floor. One of the toughest pro...【Get Price】

Van Ceiling Walls Panel Installation Conversion Guide.

Option 1: Wood Walls and Ceiling First, you’ll be installing the wood paneling by using a furring strip. You screw the furring strip to the van’s ribs instead of the main shell because you don’t want your screws puncturing through to the outside of the van.【Get Price】

Sprinter van: Walls and ceiling

We used 2” rigid insulation in the walls and doors, and 1-1/2” rigid insulation in the ceiling. Once it was in place and cut for the lights and electrical components above the to-be galley countertop, we used a combination of expanding spray foam and HVAC tape to hold it all in place. Oh, and some scrap 2x4s while the foam set.【Get Price】

Paneling Our Walls and Ceiling in Our Sprinter Build Out.

The cedar paneling of the walls was too thick for the clips on the light to be installed in the wall. We decided to move the lights to the ceiling paneling. The ceiling paneling was about 1/8" thick, so the clips on the lights fit perfectly into the paneling once we cut the holes. We disconnected the lights from their wires and ran those wires under the paneling so that the lights could be.【Get Price】

Installing Wood Paneling In Our Sprinter Van Build

In this update on our off-grid tiny home Sprinter Van conversion, we share how we went about installing wood paneling in our Sprinter van – including baltic birch plywood, cedar tongue-and-groove on the walls and ceiling, and wood laminate on the floor of our van.【Get Price】

Installing the Walls Ceiling in Your DIY Camper Van Conversion

Shiplap and Tongue and Groove are some of the most common materials found in DIY van conversions due to the ease of install. This is a great option for those that are after that cabin-feel inside their van.【Get Price】

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