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The Forest Garden Pressure Treated Superlap Fence Panel is a unique assembly that allows you to instantly set up almost 2-metre high perimeter around your garden. This fence boasts of FSC certified timber construction with vertical battens for added strength.【Get Price】

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Now, you can enjoy one of the most relaxed and eco-friendly types of garden fencing there is – rope. Not just for decking anymore, enjoy a sense of vintage style all the way round your garden by threading some high-quality rope between your wooden fence posts .【Get Price】

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Part 3 - different fencing types Explore Types of Garden Trellis Fencing For a garden screen, topper panel to go on top of a solid fence, trellis is the classic choice to add another dimension to the existing fencing. Choosing a well-made handcrafted trellis fence, constructed using quality materials is highly important aspect which is why we.【Get Price】

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Bamboo offers privacy in the garden. Planted wooden fence and concrete. Bamboo fence. Two-tone design. The top of the fence, the better. Wooden sliding doors in the garden. Garden on a slope. Fence metal and glass. Swimming pool with a glass enclosure. Concrete fence and wood. Fence with integrated lighting. High fence shields the family. Fence.【Get Price】

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The most popular wood for building fences is pine, due to its traditional look and quick growth. There are no limits to the types of woods that can be used for a wooden fence, but the price and properties of different varieties will effect the type you choose. Many wooden fences are made from composite materials, usually treated pine. Pine is.【Get Price】

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Looking for fencing for your garden or property? There’s so many different types of fencing available that the choice can initially seem quite overwhelming. To help narrow down the right fence for you, here’s an overview of some of the most popular types of garden fencing. Shop our range of garden fencing online now Horizontal waney edged.【Get Price】

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The construction of Featherboard fencing is made using sawn timber pales that run from the top to bottom of the fence, that are secured to horizontal timber rails, which are in turn affixed to a fence post dug into the ground, or alternatively the pales and rails are fixed together into a panel which is fastened to the fence posts.【Get Price】

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