attaching a wood post to plastic

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If the post is tapered, then a metal strap can be placed round the post and the wood attached to this without damaging the integrity of the post, but i would get authority to do this The other option which it is quite legal for you to do is to put your own posts in on the inside of your property line and erect what you want there?【Get Price】

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Here i am attaching a plastic water pipe to a wooden post using ties made out of a plastic bottle【Get Price】

How to Glue/Adhere/Attach Wood to Plastic (Polyethylene and.

100% silicone caulk makes an excellent glue/adhesive when attaching wood to plastic like polyethylene/polypropelene. Given that construction adhesives cannot grab onto hard plastics since plastics are non-reactive, 100% silicone caulk is an excellent alternative.【Get Price】

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Go over the broadest area of the plastic piece with a square of high-grit sandpaper before you get gluing. Sanding the plastic will make it more porous and increase its overall surface area, allowing it to bond to the wood more easily. Use only a few smooth, delicate strokes to avoid roughing up the plastic too much.【Get Price】

How To Attach Plastic To Wood Frame Greenhouse?

Prepare the wooden frame – sand the outer portions of the frame to smooth the surface. Use a heavy duty staple gun to attach plastic film to the length of the horizontal wood greenhouse framework every 6 inches with 3/8 inch (10 mm) staples, stretching it taut along the way. The plastic roof blew off our greenhouse during storm【Get Price】

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Our plastic mesh fencing should be fixed to wooden fence posts when being used for fencing. An ideal method would be to batten the mesh to the posts (mesh between the wooden fence post and a timber batten), thus spreading the fixing across the whole length of the plastic mesh.【Get Price】

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