how to build a board for a wood fence

Build a Wooden Fence and Gate : 14 Steps (with Pictures.

Some additional boards were added to the gate and fence posts as needed to hold the hinges I was using. The gate was propped into position and clamped in place with a few paint stirrers acting as temporary shims to provide a little stand-off on the hinge side.【Get Price】

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The most basic is a board on board fence, where the fence boards are nailed (using a nail gun, nailed at the support boards) with the distance of less than one board between them. Place the first board up and then use a level to “plumb” (vertical level) the board. Then, nail or screw the board in place.【Get Price】

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Trim and shape the posts with a circular saw. For a contoured fence, measure up from the ground and mark the post height according to your plan (post height shown here is 36"). For a level fence, mark the post heights with a level string. If desired, cut a 45° chamfer on the post tops using a speed square to ensure straight cuts.【Get Price】

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Construct a frame from 2x4 lumber that fits inside the gate opening with a gap of about 3/4 inch to ensure it swings freely. Attach fencing slats to the gate frame so that their tops and bottoms are at the same level as the fence slats. Some builders like to hang the frame and attach the slats afterward to make this easier.【Get Price】

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Use a plumb level to ensure the board is plumb (vertical) and nail in place using 60mm (2 1/4″) galvanized flathead nails, 2 at each rail. Temporary fix another board in place at the other end of the fence line. Fix a string line to the top of both end boards, pull taut and raise slightly using a nail as a packer (fig 2).【Get Price】

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Lay your rails out three per bay for six foot fencing and two per bay for four foot fencing. Mark your post with a crayon at top of rail for each rail. With your posts set at 7’ 10” center to center, start railing your fence at one end of the project, setting the first rail flush to the edge of the post.【Get Price】

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