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Fix tiling backer board to the damp wall with a belt-and-braces method of tile adhesive PLUS wall plugs. The tiling backer boards come in a huge range of thicknesses, so just choose one that will bring you out to the correct level so the new tiles are flush with the original tiles. Once the tiling backer board is stable (24 hours, if using slow.【Get Price】

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Homelux Listello boarders add a touch of luxury to your tiles and can be used horizontally or vertically. Great for finishing off borders or adding to your mosaic feature.【Get Price】

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Tile Backer Board creates the perfect substrate to tile onto in wpcs and bathrooms. It is vastly superior to plasterboard and plywood when used in bathrooms and wpcs, due to its rotproof and waterproof qualities. We sell Tile Backer Board from brands such as Dukkaboard, JackoBoard, wedi, Schluter, No More Ply and BAL.【Get Price】

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Tile backer boards make up the foundation of your wpc, providing a waterproof base on which to place your tiles. Working to prevent water reaching the surfaces beneath the boards, tile backer boards allow you to build a totally waterproof installation, keeping your wpc clean and dry with ease. 17 products【Get Price】

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Tile backer boards are the perfect substrate for tiling onto in any room of the house, although most commonly used in bathrooms and wpcs. They are also often used as insulation boards reducing heat loss, and with Underfloor Heating Systems, as well as dry lining and waterproofing wpcs.【Get Price】

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Tile Backer Board Panels create the ultimate substrate for tiling onto, or applying render finishes to floors or walls. They can be fixed directly to timber or metal studwork instead of plasterboard and can be used to replace ply for strengthening floors or to cover old tiles and plaster instead of removing the ‘old surface’ and replastering.【Get Price】

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Backer boards provide a perfectly level surface to tile on to, allowing for more weight (up to 200kg per m 2) than a regular plastered wall. Available in a range of sizes (4-50mm thick), some boards also have insulation and sound proofing properties.【Get Price】

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