terrace floor not wood and not plastic

Wood Plastic Terrace Decking

wood plastic terrace floor is a composite wood flooring, its surface smooth, the inner layer is made of wood fiber. It overcomes the wood floor problems, while the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance should be better than solid wood flooring, and are therefore very durable and long life, the use of life is more than 20 years.【Get Price】

The Best Surfaces For Terrace Flooring Include Rubber Plastic

When seeking to create a terrace floor for use at a house, near a park area, or at a complex of apartments, durable flooring that provides some comfort is a must. Materials such as rubber or plastic are the best selections as outdoor flooring options in these spaces.【Get Price】

12 Outdoor Flooring Options for Style and Comfort - Flooring Inc

Plastic drainage tiles are like the ultimate outdoor flooring. They’re mold- and mildew-resistant and designed specifically to prevent slipping when they get wet. The vented surface allows water to drain under the tile, so there aren’t any standing puddles after a rain. The hard plastic of the tiles is UV stable, which means the color won’t fade even after extended exposure to sunlight.【Get Price】

Composite Decking For Roof Terrace - Wood Plastic Floor

Composite decking is an attractive alternative to using timber materials for home decoration or commercial, patios and roof terrace. as we all know over time,ordinary wood decking surface becomes water logged, and often algae forms, making the traditional timber decking very slippery. in order to solution this problems, seven trust supply wood plastic composite decking can avoid like this all.【Get Price】

Precautions for installation of wood-plastic composite.

Precautions for installation of wood-plastic composite flooring on roof terraces. Three very important issues should be paid attention to when installing the floor of the roof terrace: 1. Do not damage the waterproof layer of the house. 2. The original drainage slope of the roof cannot be changed to hinder the drainage of rainwater. 3. The.【Get Price】

Why Choose Wood Plastic Composite Terrace From Chinese Supply

Wood plastic composite terrace has good moisture resistance to water, acid, antifungal, anti-static, anti-moth and other properties, but in everyday life, but rarely sees this material, what was the reason for this? Experts pointed out: Plastic-wood flooring is a new detection material, in line with people's pursuit of circular economy. The purpose of promoting environmental protection.【Get Price】

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