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Learn more about the risks associated with DIY deck building. Thinking about doing it... The Best Way to Build a Deck Handrail How to build a treated wood handrail for a deck. Home Deck Installation Cost Learn about home deck installation and building costs and what to consider when hiring a... Materials List for a 10 x 10 Attached Pressure.【Get Price】

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This is a free online deck cost calculator that provides an APPROXIMATE cost of a deck. There are many variables that go into a deck, including expansive price ranges for every material as well as labor costs by region. This calculator is intended to be used merely as a guideline to give you an idea of how much a deck may cost according to select variables, materials and sizes.【Get Price】

How much does it cost to stain a deck?

Outdoor Cost Guides Decks, Patios Porches Deck Staining Costs Staining a deck can add a lot of life back into a worn space, and without a huge expense. In fact, even with the prep work and finishing required, deck staining is actually rather affordable.【Get Price】

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The cost to stain your deck typically ranges from $540 to $1,050 with an average of just over $700. This equates to an average cost of $2 to $4 per square foot for labor and materials. Higher-quality stains will run up the price, as will washing or sealing the wood prior to staining.【Get Price】

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NeJame’s company calculates deck staining costs by measuring the square footage of deck flooring and then the linear feet of the railings. About 15% of the cost goes to materials, and the remaining 85% covers labor.【Get Price】

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Deck staining costs $500-$1,000. For the DIYer, the price of stain is around $30 per gallon. Waterproofing or Sealing a deck costs $550-$1,200. Sealer runs $20-$40 per gallon. Refinishing a deck costs $300-$7,000. This will remove all old stains, sealants and paints and sand the surfaces smooth. Finally, the pro will repaint, stain or seal the.【Get Price】

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How Do You Estimate the Cost of Building a Deck The materials for a new deck are not the only cost involved and depending on the size of the deck, the project can cost thousands of dollars. Accurately estimating costs to build a deck depends mainly on good project planning.【Get Price】

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Cost to Build a Deck The average cost to build a deck is $7,500, but like most construction projects, the costs associated with a new deck will break down to deck material and labor costs. On the.【Get Price】

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The cost to build a deck can vary quite a bit — factors like labor, materials, geography, and existing substructures are just a few elements to take into account. In order to get a ballpark estimate for your build, explore the resources below. Read up on how composite decking can save you both time and money in the long run, check out the cost calculator, and start making a budget.【Get Price】

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In case it’s a natural wood deck floor, you’ll also have to pay the deck staining and sealing costs of $0.40 per square foot. Costs to add built-in deck seating Adding a pre-manufactured, waterproof bench-style seating will cost you approximately $350 to $1,100, while an L-shaped bench will be $2,000 to $5,000 or even more.【Get Price】

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Deck Staining Contractors Directory: Click to Find a Pro Search our Deck Staining Contractors Directory to find pros in your local area. Call them directly or submit a request for a Free Cost Estimate.【Get Price】

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The average cost of building a deck is about $20 – $50 per square foot, and most spend $4,000 to $12,000 to build one. There are several things to consider when establishing a budget for your project to help get a more precise estimate.【Get Price】

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“I want you to build me a new deck. How much will a new deck in Toronto cost?” We get this question all the time! We offer our customers a free no-obligation estimate fully customized to their property and in consideration of any challenges we identify in the estimate assessment.【Get Price】

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For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 125 square feet, the cost to Stain a Deck starts at $2.10 - $4.91 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. To estimate costs for your project: 1.【Get Price】

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