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Vinyl is the least expensive pergola material, but even with a lower cost, durability and looks aren’t compromised. Needing only periodic cleaning, vinyl pergolas can withstand the elements while looking amazing. This material allows you to create defined outdoor living spaces with a smaller budget.【Get Price】

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Pvc/Vinyl.....Not structural, period. It will sag the first 90 degree day. The only option is to slide 2x material into the cavity for strength. Some manufacturers are now using Azak or Koma, wrapping ACQ treated lumber.【Get Price】

Vinyl vs. Wood Pergolas: Which Material Is the Best for You?

The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Pergolas Vinyl has been used in homes and outbuildings since the 1950s. It was first created as an alternative to wood, to give homeowners a durable, attractive material that was lower in maintenance. Vinyl Is Low Maintenance【Get Price】

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Now, here's the pergola materials list showing all the things that you will need to build it from your downloaded plans. If you adapt the plans, make sure to read ' Adapting The Plans ' before you order materials, as the size and structure of your pergola will determine the length of your wood, bolts, post anchors, etc.【Get Price】

Vinyl Pergola Kits | Wood Pergolas An Alternative to Vinyl.

A cost-effective material for outdoor structures, pressure treated pine is a sturdy pergola building material that has a natural beauty with or without paint or stain. Since wood pergola kits and vinyl pergola kits both offer valuable qualities, it comes down to your preference. Only you can determine the most important features that fit your.【Get Price】

Best Material for Pergolas: Pressure Treated Wood, Vinyl, or.

Vinyl pergolas boast the classic and clean style that looks amazing on decks, patios, and other outdoor spaces. The elegant look of white vinyl enhances almost any outdoor space — while standing out as a true style centerpiece. In many ways, vinyl is the best pergola material as it will last a lifetime with only minimal maintenance on your part.【Get Price】

Vinyl Pergola Kits

The vinyl pergola offers just that! There are various names for vinyl, which can be confusing: vinyl itself, plastic, PVC and UPVC (the material that double-glazing is made from) and sometimes it can be combined with wood to give a very durable and realistic finish.【Get Price】

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